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Due to the pandemic, the Los Angeles Motor Show had already been postponed twice: now, however, its spotlights are on and the City of Angels Convention Center is a triumph of sport utilities and electric cars. Like the Hyundai Seven, which anticipates the shapes of the future Ioniq 7, arriving in 2023: it makes monolithic design its business card. And it is based on the E-GMP modular platform, specific for electric.

Thanks to a wheelbase of 320 cm, it promises a high level of interior space and the interior is accessed through the doors with closet opening. The cabin boasts swivel seats and a curved bench, which betray the autonomous driving capabilities that the car is equipped with. And there is no shortage of “goodies” such as the mini fridge or the panoramic roof with a built-in oled screen. While the interior coatings are all eco-sustainable. The range is 480 km and the battery pack is compatible with fast charging up to 350 kW of power, capable of recharging from 10 to 80% of the battery in about 20 minutes.

Equally interesting is the Concept EV9, based on the same platform as the EV6 (again the aforementioned E-GMP. The Kia brand, in fact, belongs to the Hyundai group): it prefigures a battery-powered model arriving in 2024. Also in this case the step is more that generous, equal to 3.1 meters. Intriguing design, very muscular and flavored with details such as 22% alloy wheels. 4.93 meters long, it boasts the same mechanics as the Hyundai Seven.

The front grille is transformed into a display, which welcomes passengers approaching the car and optimizes the orientation of the light beam of the LED lights. While a solar panel is incorporated on the hood that stores energy and releases it to the batteries. Via the side mirrors, replaced by cameras: the aerodynamics benefit.

Inside is a 27-inch interactive display, linked to a telematics system complete with virtual reality. And when the autopilot is driving, the steering wheel disappears inside the dashboard. There is no shortage of panoramic roof and swivel armchairs, designed to encourage conviviality among passengers.

Last but not least, the new 598 HP Porsche Taycan GTS, available in both sedan and station wagon versions, the latter with a trunk up to 1200 liters of useful volume (prices from 137,000 euros, debut in dealerships in spring).

Brilliant performance: 0-100 covered in 3.7 seconds and top speed of 250 km / h. Standard equipment includes adaptive air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers and rear-wheel steering (optional).

Inside, the synthetic upholstery and brushed aluminum moldings stand out. Also available is the panoramic sunroof that can be automatically darkened.

VinFast, the electric SUVs designed by Pininfarina make their debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show

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