Lotus, here is the new platform for battery-powered sports cars

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The new technical base that will form the skeleton of the electric Lotuses of the future is called “Leva”: it is the acronym for “Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture” and it is a modular platform – that is, the wheelbase measurements and the size of the batteries used can be modified and in the number of engines applied – which will make it possible to create more models. In the rear, however, the Leva weighs 37% less than the platform of the petrol Emira.

There are two possible locations for the battery: for the sportier, two-seater models, the accumulator is housed behind the passenger compartment cell and in front of the electron powertrain, which is in turn housed at the height of the rear axle. However, on some Lotuses of the future – presumably designed to be more versatile and comfortable, with an interior for four passengers, or rather 2+2 – the battery pack will be housed under the floor pan, as happens for Tesla or Volkswagen cars.

This second architectural option would correspond to a driver’s seat positioned higher up, unlike the Lotus with accumulator located behind the passenger compartment, which instead will have a driving position close to the ground, as befits true supercars. All will have rear-wheel drive and two power steps: 476 HP and 66.4 kWh battery (the only size available for the chassis with underfloor battery), and dual motor, with 884 HP power and 99 kW battery. 6 kWh. The wheelbase, i.e. the distance between the axles, will also change, ranging between 2.47 meters and 2.65 metres.

“The Leva project and the E-Sports platform best summarize the concept of innovation we are pursuing”, explains the executive director of the Lotus Engineering division, Richard Moore, in an official note: “We have made numerous corrections to make the entire life cycle of the product, giving life to a frame conceived from the outset to obtain maximum lightness and performance. Rather than focus on the development of a single model, we have preferred to devote our efforts to designing an architecture capable of supporting an entire generation of electric cars”.

[[(gele.Finegil.StandardArticle2014v1) Sarà il primo di quattro modelli a batteria che saranno presentati entro il 2026, inclusa una sportiva costruita in collaborazione con Alpine]]

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