Lotus: the last of the thermal models will be called “Emira”

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The time schedule that will lead Lotus to be a 100% electric car manufacturer is outlined in detail. The British brand, owned by the Chinese Geely (which also owns Volvo and is the largest shareholder of Daimler), had already hinted at its vision for the future by presenting the Evija, a 2.8 million euro hypercar produced in a limited edition and battery powered.

Now Lotus discovers the other cards on the table: the first is called “Emira”, a new sports car with a thermal engine, the last one produced by Lotus before the switch to full electric: the car, of which the first teaser images have been released official, will be unveiled next 6 July and will collect the legacy of the Esprit, a mid-engined GT produced from 1976 to 2004 and replaced by the Evora in 2009. The technical details provided so far are scarce: some rumors, however, refer to a new engine 2-liter turbo, probably of Volvo derivation. While the construction base will be the “Elemental”, an updated version of the Evora’s aluminum platform.

“This year will be crucial for Lotus, especially with our sports cars we will reach the end of an era and start another”, explains in an official note Matt Windle, CEO of Lotus: “The spirit and the passion that gave the world Elise, Exige and Evora will continue to live in the next generation of cars, to suffer from the brand new Emira ”.

[[(gele.Finegil.StandardArticle2014v1) La Evija da 2.000 CV apre la strada alla svolta “a zero emissioni” voluta dalla proprietaria cinese Geely ]]

The future 100% electric “Evolution” platform, on the other hand, will allow Lotus to offer models belonging to unexplored segments for the manufacturer, such as that of luxury sedans and sporty-style SUVs. It is clear that the Porsche Germans are in the sights. The Evolution platform was engineered in Great Britain, but the resulting vehicles will be assembled in China, in the new factory in the now famous Wuhan.

While the future sports cars on tap by the manufacturer will be built starting from the “E-Sports” platform, developed jointly with the Renault Group’s sports division, Alpine: the French brand, in particular, will use it to assemble the model that it will send in board the current A110 with heat engine.

“The E-Sports architecture will be flexible and modular and will generate an exciting new sports car, with contemporary styling, class-leading handling and handling, explosive performance and that unmistakable Lotus character,” promises Matt Windle. our engineering teams to achieve the same lightness as our latest combustion engine sports cars ”, to ensure a high level of driving pleasure. All that remains is to understand if the promises will correspond to the facts.

[[(gele.Finegil.StandardArticle2014v1) Il prototipo rappresenta un altro passo verso la transizione alla propulsione 100% elettrica. Nel frattempo arrivano le “Final Edition” delle celebri Elise ed Exige]]

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