LS2 Advant, the helmet for traveling with a folding chin guard

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Open or closed, it doesn’t matter. Helmet LS2 Advanced it is approved for both uses. The “flip” solution with the chin guard tilting behind the neck offers a great versatility, eliminating the “sail effect” of helmets with an opening chin guard on the forehead. We tested it driving the BMW R1250 GS, Tiger 1200 and BMW R1250 R and RS, in various weather conditions and with temperatures between -2 and 21 degrees. And now we tell you how it went.

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The Advant is built in Kpa, a mix of plastic materials that guarantees good impact resistance. The weight of the sample received for testing is 1700 grams. The chin guard has a central air intake, with shutter control. The visor (with pinlock supplied as standard) has a central recess at the height of the closure, which serves to facilitate insertion into the chin guard and at the same time to allow opening, by pressing a fingernail to unlock. On the shell, then, there is the second air intake, also with a shutter closure. The extractors are wide and on the center back. The padding is well formed and laser cut, with the possibility of quick unfastening tear-off starting from the front. The closure of the helmet is with micrometric hook, facilitated by a strip for gripping the flap where the graduated tab is inserted to manage the width of the closure. That same strip then folds back on itself and remains blocked with a small magnet.

The under the chin it is made of the same material as the inside of the helmet, soft and often enough, suitable for repairing even in the coldest seasons. The locking mechanism is snap and can also be operated with one hand, without problems. The sun visor is composed of polycarbonate lenses with blued shades, resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The operation takes place through a cursor on the lower part of the helmet on the left, a solution adopted by almost all the helmets on the market.

How is it going
Flip helmets share the characteristic of a more pronounced closure on the chin and Advant is no exception. It is the price to pay for having double-homologation-proof structural solidity, with the chin guard open and flipped on the back or closed. Opening the mechanism is easy, even with just one hand and this is very useful in moving manoeuvres, which occur naturally, without diverting attention from driving. The same goes for the visor, which however has no intermediate or closing clicks, unless you drop it suddenly, like a medieval knight.

The levers for the management of air intakes on the shell and on the chin guard they are convenient to find and easy to operate. The air flows in the upper part are clearly perceptible, a little less those from the chin guard. This is an advantage in the cold season, when it was possible to keep the front air intake open, reducing the already low level of fogging. With high temperatures, however, it could be less pleasant, but there is one aspect to consider: it is a “flip” helmet, allows you to travel with the chin guard folded downthe ideal condition when the temperature gets hot.

The padding proved to be comfortable, even considering the tight fit of the helmet. The micrometric closure is easy to manage, also thanks to the magnetic fastening tab, which allows the grip even with gloves and does not take up space when it folds like a shell on the closure. Even the mechanism of the chin rest appears solid, the closure can be done with one hand and the joint is always guaranteed.

The aerodynamics are good, the helmet does not weigh and does not suffer jolts even at motorway speeds. Considering the nature of the openable helmet and the flip management mechanism, the noise level is contained and not too high even at motorway speeds.

The sun visor covers almost the entire width of the visor, avoiding the “double light” effect in the lower part. The bluish color it has a calibrated gradation to avoid blinding, maintaining maximum illumination with minimum color distortion. Guaranteed driving efficiency, background color and filter power are a matter of taste.

The helmet has a pleasant line and a narrow but comfortable fit. The «flip» solution is by far the one that combines style with driving comfort, also allowing you to travel at high speeds without the need to close the chin guard. It’s a modular helmet and can’t be compared to a full face, but it’s good value for money in its category.

LS2 Advant helmet: starting from 329 EUR

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