Maserati Bora, the first mid-engined Trident car turns 50

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There are cars that leave their mark, either for style or technique. The Maserati Bora is one of these and in its case both reasons leave a mark in the history of the car. Speaking of design, the pencil that signed the Bora is that of Giorgetto Giugiaro and Italdesign, to which Maserati first commissioned the study of “a sports car with a central rear engine that would enhance performance, design, comfort and safety” and then the line of the final model. The setting was futuristic, the nose was low and thin almost sharp to want to pierce the air, while the grille was characterized by two rectangular-shaped air intakes with a Trident in the center. The side, perfectly smooth, was centrally divided by a thin black rubber profile, while the rear ended in a truncated tail.

Speaking instead of technical characteristics, it was the first road car of the Trident to use this engine configuration, following a trend that had already been established in Formula 1 for some years. In any case, exactly fifty years have passed since March 1971, when the Geneva Motor Show was the stage for the debut of the Maserati Bora, which today is more relevant than ever, given that its layout is linked to that of the MC20.

Returning to the Bora, like many other Maseratis, it too bears the name of a famous wind, while the proven 4.7-liter V8, capable of delivering 310 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, mounted in a longitudinal position on an auxiliary frame, pushed it. applied to the load-bearing body. In 1973 it was joined by the more powerful 4.9 liters which had 335 HP and which could push the Modenese supercar over 280 km / h, with admirable comfort for a car of that kind and of that era.

The Bora also had other peculiar characteristics, such as the retractable headlights, the gearbox-differential unit cantilevered on the rear axle, the all independent suspensions (for the first time in a Maserati), the disc brakes, the single plate clutch dry, the 5-speed gearbox and telescopic shock absorbers. The whole mechanical project bore the signature of the engineer Giulio Alfieri.

The history of Maserati Bora ended in 1978, with a total of 564 units produced, to which must be added the spectacular Boomerang, a coupé prototype built by Giugiaro with futuristic solutions in mechanics and wedge bodywork. Today, the value of a Maserati Bora fluctuates between 150,000 and 200,000 euros, obviously depending on the state of conservation.

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