Maserati Classiche, the Trident Certificate of Authenticity arrives

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Officially launched the Maserati Classiche program, the Trident department that protects and promotes the conservation and originality of its automotive heritage: the first car to receive the manufacturer’s certification of authenticity – after more than 300 checks and checks with all documents in possession of the Maserati historical archive – is a Mistral 3700, built in March 1969, with Auteuil silver livery.

The certification process is guaranteed by a committee composed of experts and involves Maserati cars with more than 20 years of life. Also part of the program are a maintenance service for minor repairs and an “on demand” Car Detailing service, as well as support for the preservation of the cars and the restoration of every part conforming to the original.

In fact, among the primary tasks of Maserati Classiche is the creation of spare parts no longer available on the market, improved in terms of reliability and functionality, but without altering their aesthetic appearance. On the website dedicated to Maserati Classiche it is possible to book your request for Maserati Authenticity Certification and discover all the services of the program.

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