Maserati Grecale: here are the photos “without veils” before the debut

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The new Maserati Grecale has been given a new walk on the street, with the camouflages that had masked it until today reduced to the bone. This is most likely the last public release of the model before the official presentation, scheduled for March 22, the date on which all the details of the sport utility that will be the pillar of the Trident’s sales will be revealed.

From what can be appreciated from the photos, it is clear that the design of the car takes up and evolves the appearance of the larger Levante, but also winks at the very sporty MC20, especially as regards the optical groups. “I’m the Maserati Grecale. I can’t tell you much more ”, or“ I’m the new Maserati Grecale. I can’t tell you much more ”, is written on the sides of the immortalized prototype.

The car will be presented in Milan, “with an event that will involve the whole world, turning the spotlight on the mobility of the future”, Maserati had recently promised. As is now known, the Grecale is developed on the technical basis of the Giorgio platform – the same as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio – and will benefit from a wide range of engines, including those with plug-in hybrid and 100% electric power.

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