Maserati Levante Hybrid, behind the wheel of the Trident hybrid SUV

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After unveiling the Maserati Ghibli Hybrid and waiting for the new Grecale – the medium-sized SUV destined to take off the sales volumes of the Trident -, the Modenese brand is preparing to launch the new Levante Hybrid, the second step in the electrification strategy. of the brand. An engine that, according to those who developed it, “is more sustainable than diesel and as fast as a petrol one”. Squaring the circle, as summarized by the numbers: consumption, and therefore the carbon dioxide emitted at the exhaust, is reduced by 20% compared to a Levante petrol of similar power and by 8% compared to diesel, which the Levante Hybrid retire. To distinguish it from the other Levante are the blue details, present on the bodywork and inside, to identify the electrified nature of the vehicle.

The green mechanics result from the combination of a two-liter 4-cylinder turbo heat engine with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, consisting of four elements: Bsg, battery, eBooster and DC / DC converter. The first function as an alternator and allows you to recover energy during braking and deceleration and charges the battery located in the boot compartment which, in turn, serves to power the eBooster, an electric compressor that supports the classic turbocharger and improves responsiveness to throttle control and engine delivery at low revs and in sportier driving.

Moreover, the Levante hybrid is overall 20 kg lighter than the one equipped with the petrol V6 and 115 kg lighter than the diesel Levante: the result is an even more balanced weight distribution between the two axles, which makes the car more manageable. and fun to drive. Also in this case the figures seem to confirm: thanks to the 330 HP of maximum power and the 450 Nm of torque, the Modena sport utility sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 245 km / h. On the road the thrust is quite ready even in the lower part of the rev counter and becomes robust already above 2,500 rpm, remaining so up to the limiter.

Another ace up the sleeve of the car is smooth running, guaranteed by the automatic gearbox, which is gentle and quick at the same time, even when it is used “manually”, using the paddles behind the steering wheel to recall the 8 gears. Good performance between curves, a little for the steering calibration, direct and precise, a little for the high road holding and the low roll, which mask the vehicle’s over two tons weight well and make it agile. in changes of direction.

The traction generated by the four-wheel drive contributes to the driving pleasure: basically it sends 100% of the drive torque to the rear wheels, while on slippery surfaces or in the event of loss of traction to the rear axle, a distribution of 50:50 between the axes. All this is completed by a limited slip differential on the rear axle, which further improves cornering traction. The braking system is good: it does not have an aggressive attack but it is powerful. When driving more relaxed, you can appreciate all the comfort given by the air suspension, which ensures absorption of the roughness of a “flying carpet”.

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The passenger compartment, the right mix of spaciousness and functionality, is covered with noble materials. In the center of the dashboard, the generous touchscreen of the connected infotelematic system stands out, with improved resolution and graphics and software based on Android Automotive. While the analogue instrument panel has revised graphics and provides a 7 ”display for the on-board computer. The safety equipment is completed, which includes cruise control with radar, emergency braking, monitoring the dead angle of the exterior rear-view mirror and the system that warns in case of crossing the carriageway. Price? From 82,400 euros.

[[(gele.Finegil.StandardArticle2014v1) L’ultima nata della casa modenese è un punto di riferimento per la raffinatezza ingegneristica e per le qualità stradali, di livello assoluto. I prezzi partono da 216 mila euro]]

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