Maserati Levante Hybrid, the new hybrid SUV: “Performance without compromise”

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“Performance without compromise”: with this “mantra” Maserati presented the new one today Levante Hybrid, the first electrified SUV of the Trident house. A show, more than an unveiling, in which electricity was inevitably the protagonist in the form of spectacular lightning and in which there was no shortage of special “guests”, from David Beckham (who lent himself to an enthusiastic video message) to the pianist, composer and music producer Dardustin the registry office Dario Faini, at the center of the presentation performance in streaming.

Faini signed the soundtrack inspired by Maserati’s electrification, the “Sounds of Audacity” of the new Levante Hybrid: “faster, greener, unique” are the adjectives chosen by the Modena-based company for the new hybrid SUV, defined by Francesco Tonon, responsible for the Maserati product, “uncompromising excellence. We chose the Hybrid engine listening to the wishes of our customers and ensuring very high performance with a reduction in emissions. We preferred it over the plug-in hybrid because it gave priority to lightness, and we focused a lot on technological innovation “.

How the Maserati Levante Hybrid is made

After the debut of the Ghibli Hybrid, the Levante Hybrid is the second electrified model of the Trident: a car that was created to be “faster than a diesel, more sustainable than diesel and petrol and unique for its specific features”, argue from the parent company. Levante Hybrid combines the 4-cylinder turbo heat engine of 2 liters a sistem 48-volt mild hybrid, which allows energy to be recovered during deceleration and braking. And to recognize it, just look at the blue-tinted details present both in the exteriors and in the interiors.

The engine, Maserati argues, “combines the smoothness of a 6-cylinder engine with the low-end torque of a diesel”. Compared to the petrol V6 in the price list, consumption and CO2 emissions they are reduced by 18% (by 3% compared to diesel). In addition, the Levante Hybrid, which is equipped with the four-wheel drive and the limited-slip differential on the rear axle (improves traction on low-grip surfaces and when cornering), weighs less than the corresponding one equipped with a 6-cylinder engine (petrol and diesel). Driving pleasure is also guaranteed by the presence of Torque Vectoring, which distributes more torque to the outer wheels when cornering, applying a slight braking force to the inner ones to optimize driving dynamics.

The Maserati 48 volt hybrid system consists of four elements: BSG, battery, eBooster and a DC / DC converter. The BSG (Belt Starter Generator) performs the function of an alternator, allows to recover energy during braking and deceleration and charges the battery located in the boot compartment which, in turn, serves to power the eBooster with which the engine is equipped.

“The purpose of the presence of an electric compressor on the car is to go to support the classic turbocharger, working in series with it, supporting the power delivery of the engine at low revs”, explains Maserati: “The operating strategy of the hybrid system allows you to always have the eBooster available, via battery or BSG, should it be necessary “. The resulting numbers are brilliant: 330 HP of maximum power and up to 450 Nm of torque. The result is level of performance: top speed 240 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h covered in 6 seconds.

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