Mazda, two new SUVs are coming in the next two years

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Mazda is preparing to expand its SUV range starting in 2022: in the next 24 months, in fact, two new large-size sport utilities, the CX-60 and the CX-80, will be introduced across Europe. They will be equipped with two and three rows of seats respectively and will bring the manufacturer’s plug-in hybrid mechanics to its European debut, which uses a 4-cylinder in-line petrol engine combined with an electric motor.

At the same time, the next generation in-line six-cylinder Skyactiv-X petrol engine and the Skyactiv-D turbodiesel will also be introduced, both in combination with a 48 V mild-hybrid system, designed to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption.

In the first half of 2022, a new version of the electric MX-30 will be marketed, which will be equipped with a rotary engine designed as an electric power generator to extend the battery charge and the overall range of the vehicle.

Starting in 2025, Mazda will showcase a series of new products on a brand new platform specifically tuned for electric vehicles: this architecture will contribute to the full electrification of the manufacturer’s offering, scheduled for 2030.

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