Mazda2 Hybrid, the brand’s entry-level “doubles”: now there is also a sister of the Yaris

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“Yet, I’m sure I’ve seen it before …”. Probably, this is the first thought that springs to mind when looking at the photos of the new Mazda2 Hybrid, on sale from spring 2022. The reason is quickly explained: it is the Mazda-branded version of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. The two manufacturers, in fact, have an industrial collaboration in place that includes the exchange of platforms and technologies (in the US, for example, there is a compact model of Toyota based on a Mazda car) in order to optimize costs – widening the economies of scale – and the throughput of manufacturing plants.

Mazda 2

The Mazda2 is also the first Hiroshima vehicle to feature full hybrid propulsion technology, which combines a 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with an electric powertrain, for a total system output of 116 hp. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 175 km / h. In the combined Wltp cycle, average consumption fluctuates between 3.8 and 4 l / 100 km. Transmission is automatic.

Mazda 2 Hybrid

The vehicle will run alongside the Mazda2 currently on the list, offered with 1.5 Skyactiv-G petrol engines of 75, 90 and 115 HP. The two most powerful units are combined with mild hybrid technology with manual gearbox. In practice, two Mazda 2s will be on the market, not only with different engines but with different bodywork. This commercial operation allows Mazda to broaden its offering and, at the same time, reduce mid-range emissions.

Mazda 2 Hybrid

And it closely remembers the industrial agreements that exist between Toyota, Subaru and Suzuki, from which twin models arise, even if sold by brands with different nomenclatures. This is the case of the Toyota Rav4 and the Suzuki Across or the Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra, but also the Toyota GR86 and the Subaru BRZ.

Mazda 2 Hybrid

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