McLaren 750S, the super sports car from Woking is renewed

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As before, indeed, more than before. McLaren renews its flagship supercar, the 720S, which for the occasion also updates its name, which becomes 750S. On an aesthetic level, however, it is difficult to distinguish between the “before” and the “after”, because the changes are mainly concentrated under the skin: available in coupé and spider versions, the car boasts about 30% of renewed components compared to its progenitor, with which shares the carbon monocoque frame.

The aerodynamics have been optimized with a brand new front splitter, incorporated in the lower portion of the nose, new ducts present on the car body and a redesigned rear wing which offers a 20% greater surface area, to the full advantage of the vertical load. The set-up has been reconfigured, which benefits from a new suspension calibration, designed to restore better driving dynamics and a superior steering feeling, which uses a revised power assistance system. Interventions which, thanks to the front track widened by 6 mm and the new suspension geometry, ensure a more exciting and engaging dynamic performance.

Under the rear bonnet, behind the cockpit, there is a 4-litre biturbo V8 engine, capable of delivering 750 HP of maximum power and an engine torque of 800 Nm, mated to a 7-speed sequential gearbox with 15% shorter ending. The result is a zero-hundred devoured in 2.8 seconds and a 0-200 per hour from 7.2. Performance also due to the reduced weight: the dry weight, including all the lightening options, is contained in 1,277 kg (the Spider thinks 30 more). For the insatiable, brakes with carbon ceramic discs and monobloc calipers derived from the McLaren Senna are available as an option, with a cooling system inspired by Formula 1 cars.

In the cockpit there are new displays, with that of the instrumentation integral with the steering column. The various driving settings are controlled using the controls on the sides of the steering wheel, while with a dedicated button it is possible to quickly recall all the driver’s preferred settings in terms of aerodynamics, chassis and powertrain. Prices in the order of 300 thousand euros.

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