Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE Performance, the new generation loses 4 cylinders and becomes plug-in hybrid

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Smaller, indeed much smaller, heat engine. Higher power, indeed, much higher. It is the technical miracle of the new Mercedes-AMG C 63, which boasts numbers to make many supercars pale: 680 hp of maximum power and 1,020 Nm of torque (the previous generation stopped at “just” 510 hp and 710 Nm). Figures that, apparently, will not make you regret the old twin-turbo V8 of the outgoing version.

Yes, but there is the trick: this impressive cavalry, in fact, is not all thanks to the 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo housed in the front hood. In fact, to help the thermal unit there is an electrical compartment that makes the C 63 a plug-in hybrid vehicle, that is, with rechargeable batteries from an external power outlet to the vehicle.

Not surprisingly, the full name of the model, available with sedan and wagon bodywork, is C63 S “E Performance”: in a nutshell, the “E” stands for electrified. To keep such brutality at bay, however, Mercedes have worked to widen the vehicle’s tracks, increased by 76 mm compared to the standard versions, and the wheelbase, which has risen by 10 mm compared to the other C versions. inheritance are the maxi screens from which infotelematic instruments are controlled. To make the 63 edition more masculine than ever, details such as the rear wing, the four-outlet exhaust, the 19 ”wheels and the sports seats.

The powertrain combines the exuberance of the AMG four-cylinder with hybrid turbo – at low throttle loads the supercharger is rotated by an electric motor – capable of 476 hp and 545 Nm, with the (consistent) contribution of a 204 electric motor. CV, installed on the rear axle. Everything is managed by a 9-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and four-wheel drive (with physical drive shaft).

While making the car more agile, also masking the weight of the electrical compartment, thinks the rear steering axle. Performance: 0-100km / h covered in 3.4 seconds (quite impressive), top speed of 250km / h self-limited. The average homologated consumption is equal to 6.9 l / 100 km. The equipment includes active suspension but carbon ceramic brakes are optional. Eight driving modes available. Prices and equipment for Italy to be defined.

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