Mercedes-AMG GT R: here is the 850 HP handcrafted Speedster

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That of the “little boats”, cars without windshields and which are driven with a helmet and gloves, is a trend that has come back very much lately: now, to the interpretations on the theme made by Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin, is added that of Roland A. Bussnik, a German designer and collector who created a Speedster version of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Assembled by the HWA AG workshop in Affalterbach (Germany), the car will be built in just five units.

Named “Bussnik GT Speedlegend”, the car is inspired by the 2008 SLR McLaren Stirling Moss but also by the Formula 1 single-seaters, from which it takes the technical solution of the “Halo”: it is a structure made of carbon fiber that is it starts from the roll bars behind the passengers’ heads and ends at the level of the front bonnet. Seen from above, however, it recalls the three-pointed star which is the symbol of the Stuttgart manufacturer. Under the Halo, which has a load-bearing function, a housing has also been obtained for the LED lights that illuminate the passenger compartment.

The spectacular appearance of the car is matched by first-rate mechanics: under the bonnet, in fact, pulses an enhanced version of the 4-liter V8 twin-turbo from AMG, the sports department of Mercedes. It delivers 850 hp of maximum power and 1,040 Nm of torque and is combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, positioned at the rear to improve weight distribution.

Other technical innovations are the carbon-ceramic brakes, the dedicated set-up and the rear axle with steering wheels: under 100 per hour the wheels turn in counterphase to the front ones to increase handling, while at higher speeds they all steer in the same direction to increase stability. The speed performances have not been formalized but could not be less than exciting given the numbers involved. Mouths also sewn on the price, even if knowing it ends up being a secondary detail: the specimens produced, in fact, have all already been sold.

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