Mercedes and ACI, two-year agreement to promote safety behind the wheel

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Mercedes-Benz and Aci together to promote safety behind the wheel. The Stuttgart company has entered into a partnership with the Safe Driving Centers of the Automobile Club of Italy which will last two years, and which aims to contribute to the transformation of Valleluga (Rome) and Lainate (Milan) into centers dedicated to “Zero vision”, which translates not only into zero accidents but also zero emissions. In addition, two new centers are planned for the future, one in Binetto, in the province of Bari, and another in Sicily.

The partnership will ensure a multi-purpose platform for the development of activities in various sectors and will obviously also involve Driving Performance on board the Mercedes-AMG range: “The agreement with Aci Safe Driving Centers is much more than a simple partnership – has said Radek Jelinek, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Italy – It is an important signal of the need to create a system and create value for a sector as important as that of the automotive sector in our country. At the same time, it represents for us the opportunity to be able to count on the support and logistics of excellent structures, with two hubs strategically distributed throughout the territory “.

Mercedes therefore moves the Aci project, which aims to develop multifunctional motor and safe driving systems throughout the national territory that will also contribute to the enhancement of the territory through the promotion of sports, automotive, road safety and tourism. Vallelunga organizes safe driving courses for all those who have a license to drive for cars, motorcycles, scooters, minicars, off-road vehicles, industrial vehicles, campers, vans, buses and who also use these vehicles for work, with particular attention to neo – drivers (who represent 20% of the centre’s users and to whom heavy discounts are applied).

The courses, lasting one day (8 hours), include classroom training and various practical driving exercises which are carried out on suitable and specially equipped areas. It is also possible to carry out them with your own private vehicle, which will be able to access operating areas identical to the road infrastructures (width, carriageway, curves, hairpin bends, climbs and descents, etc.).

“The Aci Safe Driving Centers are a European excellence in research, development and training for an ever higher level of road safety – added Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of the Automobile Club of Italy – Road safety for all , starting from the most vulnerable such as pedestrians and cyclists, is in fact the first objective of Aci. We are pleased that Mercedes Benz, a leading manufacturer in safety technologies, shares this mission with us and we are certain that their contribution will further increase the capabilities of the Centers and the spread of a culture of safety ”.

As part of the promotional initiatives and the partnership with Mercedes, the Aci-Sara Safe Driving Centers reserve customers who purchase a new Mercedes-Benz or Smart car the opportunity to purchase safe driving courses reserved for individuals with a discount of 30 %.

“The technological increase on vehicles has contributed significantly to safety while the human factor continues to be the weak link – explained Carlo Alessi, president of Aci Vallelunga Spa – To promote safety, the first can be equipped with active safety systems, but it is equally necessary that man knows how to manage them by equipping himself with the necessary skills to react in the right way in the face of unexpected events. Having Mercedes by our side is not only a source of pride and prestige but it is more, it is having a partner of excellence alongside us who has always believed in safety by making man and vehicle dialogue to optimize the potential of both “.

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