Mercedes EQE, debut for AMG sports cars

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Who said that an electric Mercedes can’t be sporty? To disavow the skeptics, the house of the star launches the new editions signed by AMG – the sports department of Mercedes – of the new EQE. There are two variants, the 43 4Matic, with 476 HP of maximum power and 858 Nm of torque; and the 53 4Matic +, which releases 626 hp and 950 Nm respectively. The performance is, of course, of a high level: the two models shoot from 0 to 100 per hour in 4.5 and 3.5 seconds respectively, pushing themselves to a maximum speed of 210 and 220 per hour.

Powering the electrical mechanics is a 90.6 kWh capacity lithium battery, capable of ensuring approved ranges of between 444 and 533 km. And, for those who are not satisfied, the “Dynamic Plus” package is also available on the EQE 53 4MATIC +, which brings the cavalry to 687 HP and the engine torque to 1000 Nm. it is a specific cooling system.

Just as the braking system is specially designed, now more powerful (as an option there are also carbon-ceramic brakes, designed to withstand the most intense use), the set-up – benefits from suspension with pneumatic springs with variable height and damping – and the artificial sound of the electric motors, reproduced by the audio system. Finally, the rear steering wheels provide agility and mask the overall weight, which optimize handling or stability depending on the driving situation.

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