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The new generation of the Mercedes SL will go down in history with the name of “Trinity”: yes, because the model is not only called to replace its outgoing version, but also to take the place of the AMG GT Spider and S Cabrio when the latter come out. of production. And (very) probably this is why the car seems to condense all the best of the aforementioned cars together. Which will justify the price, yet to be defined but, in spans, between 170 and 190 thousand euros.

From the traditional SL, the new one takes up the formula of the convertible bodywork, capable of transforming it in a few seconds into a disturbing convertible with a 2 + 2 passenger compartment (people up to 1.5 meters high can sit behind it); in the generational transition, however, the rigid roof has given way to one made with a triple-layer canvas, which promises to ensure the same levels of acoustic and thermal insulation as the previous one, made of sheet metal: a move that goes in the direction of sportiness ( cuts 21 kg off the scale and allows the center of gravity to be lowered) – that of the AMG GT Spider – and amplifies its appeal.

From the SL, on the other hand, derive the luxury and technology of the passenger compartment and the (amplified) versatility, which brings together the reasons for comfort and a beautiful drive, even on low-grip surfaces: in fact, this is also the first SL of history equipped with four-wheel drive. Features in addition to adaptive cruise control, active steering assistance, traffic sign recognition and automatic emergency braking.

4.7 meters long, the new SL is equipped with an internal architecture that closely resembles that of the latest creations of the Star: the absolute protagonist is the 11.9 “maxi central display of the voice-controlled multimedia system. the instrument cluster uses a 12.3 “screen, which can optionally be combined with the color head-up display, which projects the main driving information onto the windscreen in the driver’s field of vision. And there is also the “Airscarf”, the flagship of the Mercedes: the seat headrests have built-in air vents that transmit hot air to the passengers’ necks; useful for going for a walk in the open even when the harsh climate would not allow it. To the others…

The technical basis results from an evolution of the AMG GT platform: a mix of aluminum, steel, magnesium and composite fibers that ensures torsional stiffness 50% higher than the outgoing SL, to the benefit of road and handling qualities. Painstaking work done on aerodynamics (the coefficient of air penetration is 0.31, very low), of which the most obvious manifestation is the retractable spoiler built into the tail, which changes inclination – and, therefore, vertical load – depending on the driving situation. The hand-made engine is, as usual, autographed by the technician who oversaw the assembly: it is a 4-liter twin-turbo V8, with a maximum power of 585 HP and an engine torque of 800 Nm; acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h occurs in just 3.6 seconds and the top speed is 315 km / h.

To tame all this exuberance – as well as the mass of the car, which is close to 2 tons – are technologies such as the active hydraulic anti-roll system (which replaces the traditional stabilizer bars, and limits lateral lying down to a minimum), the four-wheel steering – that improve agility or stability depending on the driving speed – the lightning-fast 9-speed automatic transmission, the self-locking differential and the active engine mounts. Heavy-footed customers will appreciate the carbon ceramic brakes and optional telemetry system. An even more powerful version will soon make its debut, featuring rechargeable hybrid mechanics; this too will be a first in the history of the SL.

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