Moto Guzzi V7, the proof – a great classic revisited

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Each motorcycle brand has its own icons and in the case of the Moto Guzzi, the V7 fully falls into the category. The original model was born in the second half of the 1960s, while the current one was reborn at the beginning of the 2000s, more precisely in 2007. Since then it has been updated several times, changing its name to V7 II and V7 III, and now the third generation has arrived, returning to the original name and debuting the new engine derived directly from that of the classic-enduro V85 TT. The 90 ° transverse V2 is the most recent and modern built in Mandello del Lario and in this version it has received a series of mechanical modifications: the 15 HP less than the V85 TT, therefore, does not derive only from a different set-up electronics. The performance, compared to the previous 750 of the V7 III, has improved in all aspects, thanks also to the 6-speed gearbox. Maximum power has increased by 25%, from the previous 52 HP at 6,200 rpm to the current 65 HP at 6,800 rpm; peak torque also rose, from 60 Nm at 4,250 rpm to 73 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

In addition, the new powertrain brings with it a frame with a reinforced steering head area and a number of technical updates. The first is, of course, a new exhaust system, then there are an increased cardan transmission, a larger rear wheel (150/70) and a pair of more robust Kayaba shock absorbers, which together with the new double-height saddle improve comfort. Stylistically, however, the side panels have changed and the rear fender has become shorter; then there are the new full LED lighting system (daylight draws an eagle) and the digital instrumentation with a circular dial. This is in the Stone version, because the Special maintains the double dial analogue instrument and differs in the spoked rims. All this without changing the classic lines of the V7, much appreciated by the market, as well as the ease of driving which in fact remained even with 13 HP more.

As soon as you get on the new Guzzi you will find the comfortable driving position of the previous V7, with the torso erect and the arms resting naturally on the handlebars. The bike has very narrow sides and the seat height of 780 mm does the rest: anyone can put their feet well on the ground. The downside is that, thanks to the very low footrests, it is sufficient to raise the pace a little between the curves to scratch them, even with moderate lean angles. It is therefore important to adjust the preload of the rear shock absorbers well, to prevent the suspension from sitting too much. Aside from this, the V7 has become much more enjoyable than in the past. Compared to before, there is greater thrust at each speed and a more pronounced extension, which never hurts, but without giving up the proverbial fluidity of the Lombard twin-cylinder. The gears are all quite short, including the sixth, and therefore even traveling at the lowest revs is never a problem. Just turn the throttle slightly and the Guzzi immediately picks up speed.

The verve of the engine is perfectly in line with the character of the chassis which is devoted to tourism but is not at all yielding. So even experienced motorcyclists can appreciate a brighter ride. Even the brake compartment, albeit with only one disc at the front, always does its job. This is not the system suitable for pulling the brakes right into the curve, but this is not the nature of the V7. Its most natural use is medium-range tourism, also considering the average consumption in the order of 20 km with a liter. Even in the city, with its compact dimensions and the smoothness of the engine, it gets along very well and can be an excellent alternative to many maxi-scooters, compared to which it certainly wins in terms of style. In this regard, the V7 Stone is available in three satin colors – Rough Black, Ice Blue and Copper Orange – the Special is available in Formal Blue and Casual Gray. Prices start at € 8,840.

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