Nascar, on Netflix the new comedy series dedicated to the American race

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A new series dedicated to the world of motors arrives on Netflix, this time to the world of Nascar. “The Crew”this is the name of the signed project Jeff Lowell (formerly the name behind comic productions such as “The Ranch” and “Two and a Half Men”), has as protagonist Kevin Jamescomedian already known for “The King of Queens” and “Kevin Can Wait”.

Head of the Nascar “Bobby Spender Racing” team, James must deal with the owner’s decision to step down and pass the baton to his daughter, 30-year-old Catherine. That like most millennials she has an obsessive relationship with technology, and a futuristic vision of how the team should be managed.

The first episode of the series debuts on Netflix on February 15th, the day after the departure of the Daytona 500 Miles 2021the most prestigious Nascar race: 40 cars that will take part in the “greatest race in America”, keeping the thousands of fans following the US series glued to the screen.

The first season of “The Crew” features in the cast, in addition to Kevin Hames, also Jillian Mueller, Bruce McGill, Gary Anthony Williams, Dan Ahdoot and Sarah Stiles. Netflix released the official trailer at the end of January, totaling over 320,000 views, leaving hope for a second season.

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