New Peugeot emblem, that’s what it hides

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The new 308 is the first Peugeot to bring the new emblem of the French company to its debut, unveiled in February 2021 and available in two versions, identical in appearance but technically different: the first is combined with the Active Pack and the other, more innovative, it is specific to the Allure and GT versions, equipped with driver assistance radar.

For the radar to work – and, therefore, the car can take advantage of the semi-autonomous driving capabilities it is equipped with – the waves emitted by the radar must not be disturbed. Therefore, the design of the emblem in front of the radar was conceived by the engineers taking into account two constraints: the thickness of the surface must be constant and the components must not contain metal particles.

Therefore, the new emblem is made in several stages: first a smooth front panel of constant thickness made of polycarbonate is produced. An indium rear panel is then produced: this rare alloy is used specifically for the version of the emblem on models equipped with radar, because it is the only material that meets the technical and visual requirements. In fact, it has a natural chrome appearance and properties that do not interfere with radar waves.

To make the lion of the new logo appear, the indium surface is laser scraped through the polycarbonate.

Subsequently, a black paint is applied to the back of the emblem, which acts as a background for the logo. While on the front surface a protective paint is applied for external agents (shocks, sun, temperature changes …).

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