Nio offensive, three electrics for Europe. Introducing the new EC7 and ES8

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Nio assaulting the market and hackers attacking Nio, the Chinese manufacturer of premium electric cars. At its headquarters in Hefei, the manufacturer in recent days anticipated two new zero-emission SUVs based on the second-generation sex platform, the EC7 coupe and the updated ES8, which debuted in 2018. At least for now, both vehicles they will be sold exclusively on the domestic market, but Nio intends to evaluate their marketing on the Old Continent as well.

The landing in Europe took place in 2021 with the “old” ES8, naturally in Norway, where 8 out of 10 new cars have zero emissions and where Nio has also opened the first station for “flying” battery replacement, the option alternative to plug charging. Last year the Chinese company started its activities in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, countries “sensitive” to electric mobility. Initially, only the subscription formula was envisaged (up to 60 months), but the interest aroused was such that it convinced the manufacturer to switch to direct sales as well. By 2025 Nio intends to preside over 25 markets globally.

The European price list is made up of three models: the ET5 and ET7 sedans and the EL7 SUV (4.91). It is a range in almost “XL” format for the Old Continent because it is between 4.79 meters for the ET5 and 5.1 for the ET7. Even the two new models have measures that are more Chinese and American than European: the EC7 reaches 497 centimetres, while the ES8 502. The performance of the “average” SUV is intriguing because it takes just 3 to shoot from 0 to 100 km/h. 8 seconds and to return to stop it takes less than 34 meters.

The two motors ensure a power of over 650 Hp (one high-performance unit of 300 kW and another with permanent magnets of 180) with a maximum torque of 850 Nm. With a Cx of 0.23, Nio anticipates its Sloping roof SUV as one of those with the best aerodynamic coefficient in the world. With the announced 150 kWh battery, Nio estimates a range of 940 kilometers (490 with the smaller, 75 kWh battery), calculated however with the Chinese CLTC system considered more “optimistic”.

The technical characteristics of the second generation of the ES8 (6 seats) are substantially superimposable, even if for starting off it needs two tenths more and for full braking it needs a further 40 centimeters. Interesting values ​​on paper, also considering the autonomy (465 that declared) and the price (the equivalent of 75,000 dollars).

The hacker attack reported by Nio shouldn’t take away the sleep of European customers because the hackers took possession only of related to the Chinese market until August 2021, as revealed by an internal audit. In order not to disseminate the sensitive data acquired illegally, the criminals have formalized a request equal to 2.25 million dollars, to be paid in Bitcoin. The “ransom” was solicited by hackers on December 11th. The Nio case confirms the importance of cybersecurity: the German supplier Continental, hit by hackers in October, knows something about it. The FBI is also investigating the case.

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