Nm Concept, the Gorgona Cars single-seater boat revisits the myth of the Mazda MX-5

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The idea was born in front of a beer in a bar in Testaccio, the historic Roman district: on one side of the table an automotive journalist, on the other a motor vehicle engineer. One chat led to another, and Omar Abu Eideh and David Galliano laid the foundations for the birth of Gorgona Cars, a Rome-based start-up dedicated to engines, and above all of the NM Concept, a restomod of the first generation of MX- 5, Mazda’s iconic roadster.

The car was unveiled as a world premiere at the “Rally of Records”, the event organized at the Modena racetrack on Sunday 18 September which brought together hundreds of myatists from all over Italy and various European countries to try to beat the record obtained by now 9 years ago in the Netherlands: the longest parade of MX-5 to cover a circuit of just over 2 km. Mission successfully completed at 6pm, just a few hours after the official presentation of the NM Concept.

The design of the NM Concept

The car is a naked single-seater made from a completely restored NA, modernized in mechanics, perfected in the chassis and components and finished with exclusive materials. A light and powerful little boat, faithful to the original mechanical architecture with 2.0 four-cylinder front engine (the Skyactiv-G with 184 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque of the latest generation MX-5), 6-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive: a ” car designed to enhance the pure analogue driving pleasure also taking advantage of a lighter set-up (830 kg compared to 960 kg of the original model).

The NM concept also aims at the essential in terms of design: the style is inspired by racing cars of the fifties, and innovative elements have been added to the timeless lines of the MX-5 NA such as the rigid tonneau cover that almost completely covers the passenger compartment, the aerodynamic hump placed immediately behind the driver’s seat, the rear hood with integrated nolder inspired by that of the 1992 Mazda M2-1006 “CobraSter”. complete the picture.

How much does it cost and how to get it

Built entirely by hand with the help of OffineCubo and Carrozzeria Di Vitale based on the Gorgona project, the NM concept – which opened the parade of records – was designed to be produced in a small series, rigorously built in an artisanal way and under the supervision of Gorgona Cars. The world premiere was the first step, which will be followed by the collection of expressions of interest and the homologation process to allow the vehicle to travel on the road. Fans interested in transforming their MX-5 will have to budget around 70,000 euros (excluding VAT), and the opening of orders is scheduled for November 2022.

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