Opel Corsa 40 anniversary, the electric proof of the jubilee

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The Opel Corsa 40 Anniversary is a special limited edition edition that can only be ordered online with which the House of Lightning celebrates the jubilee of a model to which it owes a lot and which has so far been sold in 14.5 million units, a couple of million of which in Italy. The year of his debut coincided with the overwhelming success of Italy of Enzo Bearzot at the World Cup in Spain thanks to the unforgettable and unexpected victories of the Azzurri at the expense of Argentina and Brazil and the rediscovered goals of Paolo Rossi, who by now is not there. more. In 1982 “ET” was a big hit in the cinema and Michael Jackson brought his “Thriller” to success.

In autumn, the era of the Corsa began, a model with which Opel has always tried to offer something more and which was and should remain synonymous with “accessible mobility”. With the new electric version, also sustainable. In Italy the 40 Anniversary in Rekord Red, a reference to the original body color of the debut car, and with a contrasting black roof comes with the one thousand two turbo petrol with 130 hp or with the 130 electric unit. of the first, which in the price list is 26,200 euros, was filed down by 2,600 euros in the promotion phase (it is not clear how long the offer lasts), while that of the second part from 39,000 euros with the 50 kWh battery and 353 km of autonomy (in collaboration with the Automobile Club of Germany, the manufacturer has also organized a single-make rally championship). In the German test, a sort of gangway of about fifty kilometers for the numbered edition (the plate was placed on the dashboard, in front of the front passenger), the on-board computer indicates a consumption of just 13.5 kWh, i.e. well below the range between 15.8 and 16.1 homologated in the Wltp cycle. The tour is not statistically indicative, even if it included stretches on the motorway and without too many stops and starts (i.e. options not congenial to the power supply) and city crossings, but it suggests that with a guide that respects the limits you can get farther (and without fines).

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The special series, ready for delivery, is based on the Gs Line set-up, and does not include accessories, but an important standard equipment with 17 ” alloy wheels in glossy black with matt gray inserts, contrasting black roof, window profile, tailgate opening and Corsa name written in full black, LED headlights, two 7 ” screens, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto of the multimedia system, front center armrest, accident alert with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, recognition of road signs with indication of the speed limit in force, fatigue detector and more.

In Rüsselsheim, where Opel’s headquarters are located, one can not only photograph, but also drive the models of the previous five generations. Compared to the first, the current Corsa measures 40 centimeters longer in addition to having an automatic transmission, which took over from the manual 4-speed gearbox. Dismounting from one car to get behind the wheel of the other means going back in time, starting with the dimension of the steering wheel. The compact of 1982 traveled up to 141 per hour (now 150, but with zero emissions) with a starting point from 0 to 100, it was close to 20 seconds (today 8.7 identical for both versions) with a 45 Hp engine and 68 Nm of couple.

Also re-reading the history of the Race through the advertising campaigns that accompanied its successes on the market is like raking in memories, which also includes the South Tyrolean mountaineer Reinhold Messner, the king of the 8000ers chosen as testimonial of the second generation, or the models. Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. The Corsa is also the German “who goes oh” and of which there is also an edition dedicated to the German tennis champion Steffi Graf.

The Corsa 40 Anniversary with left-hand drive will be built in 1,982 units, two hundred of which will be diverted to Italy, to which must be added the thousand destined for the United Kingdom with right-hand drive and offered under the Vauxhall brand. The model is offered with an exclusive series of socks (a box for each car with four pairs of two different sizes and with two different textures) inspired by the original design of the seats of the first race, the Scottish Tartan, and taken up and revised also for the new sessions.

OPEL e-CORSA 40 ANNIVERSARY – the factsheet
What is that:
is a limited edition of the sixth generation of the Corsa, launched on the market in 1982. The numbered edition celebrates the jubilee
Dimensions: length 4.06 meters, width 1.79 (1.96 with exterior mirrors), height 1.43, wheelbase 2.54
Traction: front
Engines: 136 hp electric
Full speed: 150 km / h (208 for the 1.2 turbo petrol version)
Acceleration: from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.7 ”, the same value for both variants
Battery: 50 kWh
Autonomy: up to 353 km
Boot capacity: 309 liters
Advantages: consumption, performance, technology
Defects: sufficient luggage compartment, sometimes not very legible instrumentation
Production: Zaragoza (Spain)
Prices: from 26,200 euros for the petrol variant (in promotion with a discount of 2,600 euros) and from 39,000 for the electric one

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