Opel Grandland X, the proof – The hybrid for climbing off the road

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When the French PSA acquired Opel in 2017, they set themselves three goals: to restore the accounts, make the brand global and accelerate electrification. Challenges largely already won, which continue by raising the bar under the hat of Stellantis. Grandland X, the flagship SUV of the German brand with its 4.48 meters in length and multiple versions including diesel and petrol, is a bit of a synthesis of the new Opel course.

The newly created Hybrid4 variant, in particular, is the emblem of the green strategy already transferred to the zero-emission models Corsa-e, Mokka-e, Zafira-e Life and to the commercial Vivaro-e. By 2024 the entire Opel range will be electrified and by this year other electrified versions of the multi-space Combo-e Life, Astra and the commercial Combo-e Cargo and Movano will arrive (2021 will close with 9 electrified models).

But attention is now focused on the new Grandland X Hybrid4, also put to the test in a demanding off-road course at the Cardano al Campo cross-track. And it is surprising how the “citizen” SUV fares well even in the territory of the “hard and pure”. Opel’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle with all-wheel drive always handles it with pleasure, reveals unsuspected agility and offers four driving modes that can be activated via a button next to the gearbox: electric, hybrid, 4×4 and Sport, with specific dynamics in the different situations.

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The hybrid system combines a 200 hp 1.6 turbo petrol engine with two electric motors (front 81 kW-110 hp, rear 83 kW-113 hp, 90 kW battery), for a system output of 300 hp and 520 Nm with CO2 emissions reduced to 28-40 g / km according to the Wltp cycle. The front electric motor is mated to the eight-speed electric automatic transmission. The second electric motor and differential are integrated into the electric rear axle to provide all-wheel drive on demand. The maximum speed is 235 km / h, 135 traveling in full-electric mode with a generous range of 59 km.

The Grandland X Hybrid4 plug-in – which was born on the EMP2 platform destined for the C and D segments of the group – has permanent all-wheel drive and guarantees constant traction. The hybrid mode allows you to optimize fuel consumption and performance. In 4×4 mode, all-wheel drive is obtained electronically thanks to the two electric motors, while the Sport mode combines the power of the thermal engine and the electric one to obtain the best performance, allowing a particularly dynamic driving style.

The e-Save function conserves the electrical energy stored in the high voltage battery for future use, perhaps for driving in areas where access is limited to electric vehicles. The function is activated via the color touch screen of the infotainment system and you can decide to conserve all the energy present in the battery or only partially. Total recharging through a 1.8 kW domestic socket takes 7 hours, but with a 7.4 kW wallbox two hours are enough to fully recharge the lithium-ion battery located under the rear seats to optimize space in the passenger compartment and in the trunk.

Grandland X Hybrid is also available only with front-wheel drive: the abolition of the rear electric motor reduces weight and costs (it also saves 6,350 euros on the price list) while still guaranteeing 224 HP of power and completely respectable performance.

For the new SUV, Opel has launched an interesting promotion that allows, with government and House incentives plus scrapping, a saving on the price list of 11,500 euros. Thus the front-wheel drive access version starts at 31,750 euros and the AWD all-wheel drive version from 38,100. There are also loans with installments of € 299 per month for 36 months.

The Grandland X Hybrid4 features the new Opel Connect telematics service to manage live navigation with real-time traffic information, verification of the main vehicle data via the app, direct connection to roadside assistance and the emergency call.

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