Over 700 kilometers with a full tank: new record for the electric car

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Anyone who said that electric vehicles can’t go far doesn’t know the Lightyear One, the battery-powered car made in Holland that broke the record for the longest distance traveled on a single charge: at a speed of 85 km / h it drove for nearly nine hours straight, covering a distance of 710 kilometers – an impressive record considering that it was achieved with 60kWh of energy and that the Tesla Model 3 Long Range has an average range of 455km with a battery capacity of 70 kWh According to Lightyear technicians, “the most efficient electric cars on the market today consume about 50% more energy at this relatively low speed”, which is why the Dutch, instead of focusing on useless acceleration records, are betting everything on reducing energy consumption per kilometer in order to provide a lot of range with a small battery. Simple but brilliant, also because it is a road that no one actually travels … So much, it must be said, that even following this strategy, electric cars always start well. 10 seconds. Its five solar panels – enclosed in safety glass on the roof and hood of the car – add up to around 12 kilometers of range per hour of charging: a driver could ideally travel in a very sunny country. for months without having to recharge your vehicle. Only one: the One costs like five well-equipped Volkswagen ID3s, or 177,000 euros. Nobody does miracles in the automotive world.Vincenzo Borgomeo


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