Overtaking GT3, the Turin-based Frangivento sets out to conquer the Emirates

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World première, in a gala evening in Montecarlo, for the sports supercar Frangivento Sorpasso GT3. At the Bel Air Fine Art of the Fairmont Hotel the founders of the Turin brand Paolo Mancini (entrepreneur with consolidated experience) and Giorgio Pirolo (planner and designer) unveiled the new berlinetta which, after the Monegasque exhibition, will leave for the Emirates. It will enter the collection of a wealthy Abu Dhabi sheikh who had his initials SBH engraved on the flag to the left of the bodywork, in the passenger compartment and even on the right caliper of the carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes.

Sorpasso GT3 Group B is the first example of a small series (initially three cars) that will launch the challenge of the artisan brand Frangivento on the Arab markets, where Made in Italy is particularly appreciated. It is no coincidence that the prototype of the Asfanè hypercar, the first essay by Frangivento, is already circulating on the streets of Dubai. A company has also been created in Abu Dhabi, Asco Holding, which belongs to the royal family and will handle distribution with the aim of selling 35 berlinettas a year and proselytizing thanks to prominent testimonials such as the sheik to whom it was delivered the first Sorpasso. A gift from Asco, in this case, while the price of the car for normal customers will be 915,000 euros plus taxes: thus well over one million.

The GT3 is the most extreme version of the Sorpasso berlinetta: 880 HP 5.2-litre V10 engine with volumetric turbocharger, speeds of over 340 km per hour, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 2.9″. The weight is 1,709 km, the power-to-weight ratio of 1.48 kg/hp. The Turin supercar has an aluminum body (inherited from the more performing German sports cars Audi and Lamborghini) and a carbon shell. The very personal and aggressive racing design refers to iconic of the Italian tradition (Pininfarina and Ferrari, but also the Lamborghini Miura for the wings on the side). Note the pronounced aerodynamic appendages and a large carbon rear wing. Spectacular is the air duct on the roof which extends to create a central fin. The “duck’s bill” stands out at the front, ending with the LED lights which also perform the functions of front spoilers.Technical passages for aerodynamic flows are obtained in the doors.

The Sorpasso GT3 is 4.8 meters long (by 2.08 wide and 1.2 high) and does not go unnoticed, but offers a sensation of agility as well as power. Among the more curious optionals, an artificial intelligence system created by Sistem-Evo of Pordenone, an “avatar driving assistant” with which one can interact using natural language.

There is also a less extreme version of the Berlinetta in the pipeline, with a 610 HP naturally aspirated V10 engine, no aerodynamic fin or spoiler, priced at 750 thousand euros.

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