Pininfarina Teorema, the virtual concept car is “tested” with augmented reality

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Maybe we will travel like this in fifty years, maybe never. “But the duty of a company like Pininfarina that has always promoted innovation – says CEO Silvio Angori – is to intercept the future, the trends of the Zeta generation”. That is to say of that potential clientele who discovers and explores a car on their smartphone and no longer at the Saloni. Thus was born Teorema, a futuristic and very daring “virtual concept car” entirely developed by the design labs of Cambiano and Shanghai, using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the new Mixed Reality technology to quickly study shapes, experiences and scenarios. different.

Virtual technologies to “materialize” a new interpretation of mobility, completely electric and autonomous (but the car can also be driven) under the banner of still unexplored experiences, to create a sense of community and encourage interactions between passengers and the environment external.

The latest concept car presented by Pininfarina was dated 2013 and was called Cambiano: a prototype for the Motor Show (Geneva). Teorema today projects the company into a different scenario, of absolute avant-garde. The ultra-technological minivan is virtual but when it comes to life you can “touch it”, just wear hi-tech goggles and you can even sit in its comfortable armchairs or in the driver’s seat. All the components are existing, including the autonomous driving systems: whoever wanted to build the virtual car now could do so.

But the goal was another. “We wanted to introduce new visions in terms of usability and technology – says the chief creative officer of Pininfarina, Kevin Rice – to give people back the pleasures of the car, driving and traveling, without the frustrations associated with increasing traffic. We integrated artificial intelligence, 5G connections and the latest technologies to lead passengers to unimaginable travel experiences. Teorema even suggests what to visit in a city you are touching, it projects you outside, as in a maxi head-up display , the time of a show or a museum “.

The design teams have placed the quality of life on board at the center of the project, the intelligent development of the large interior space. Teorema has the dimensions of a BMW 5 Series wagon, 5.4 meters in length and 1.4 in height. You enter as on an airplane, from the rear that opens as the roof moves up and forward, leaving room for a “responsive” floor that lights up guiding passengers to their seats. The LEDs on the floor and on the seats are essential to always transmit the “mood” of the car and information: for example, red indicates that a driver has taken the lead and the car is no longer driving alone. All buttons are hidden under the internal surfaces and emerge only by passing your hand over them.

The large glass roof window is completed by a darkened rear area which guarantees the necessary privacy. The interior is versatile and modular, which can be used by the five passengers in many different ways. By moving the seats (designed with Poltrona Frau) you can travel in a traditional way, but also isolate yourself in the back, even sleep.

Teorema also incorporates an innovative aerodynamic concept. Articulated through three separate sections, it provides between the central living space and the external surfaces of the two sides open air channels that regulate the flows throughout the vehicle. The jets of compressed air that come out in the rear reduce the size of the wake improving performance. The absence of doors and edges, replaced by simple and clean lines, determines an innovative and pleasant overall figure, like a technological minivan.

The most forward seat of the cabin allows you to drive when you like to do so, by holding the two large side “oars” equipped with joysticks: a harmonious movement similar to that of a tank top in the gym, but if you make a mistake the machine corrects you because it is designed. to do it all alone. Teorema provides different modalities. In Autonomy Mode it does not need a pilot and whoever is in the driver’s seat can easily turn around and interact with the other passengers. The Drive Mode function provides a greater sense of community and the different interior areas are colored in the same hue. In Rest Mode the interiors are transformed into a social space in which to move, while the intelligent seats automatically change position.

The true augmented reality of WayRay allows you to equip the Pininfarina virtual concept car with clear and vivid images that appear behind the windscreen and side windows to integrate with the real world and update passengers on traffic, places of interest and curiosities. Passengers also have the ability to interact with the information displayed.

The Teorema platform is a solution already tested by Benteler for its Electric Drive System and provides batteries under the chassis and large spaces inside with a contained total height. “In this project – concludes Angori – the difference is not made by the individual components but by the integration process of the various systems, and we are making use of ninety-one years of experience”.

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