Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, the proof: in search of perfect balance

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One of the many skills that Porsche shows in managing the range of its most famous car – not the best-selling for many years now due to the advancement of SUVs – is to bring the different versions of the 911 to market with perfect timing. Considering that the combinations of engine, traction and bodywork lead to more than twenty 911s available, it is almost unbelievable how each is differentiated and different from the other, but also how the previous models maintain their value, since the updates to the new ones are not. never excessive. It is a kind of slow but constant continuous evolution, where the next Porsche sports car is better than the previous one, but not too much, and able to satisfy even more customers, even in the nuances. So here we are to try the new GTS range, which arrives two and a half years after the launch of the last generation (992) and is available in five variants: coupé and convertible with both rear and all-wheel drive, Targa only with four-wheel drive.

In the large 911 family, the GTS fit between the “S” and the GT3 in a perfectly barycentric position between the “base” versions and the Turbo, which already belong to the Olympus of supercars (let’s keep the GT2 out of the question because of its performance and costs are even more extreme). Under the rear bonnet of the latest models in Zuffenhausen is the well-known 3-liter 6-cylinder boxer which in this configuration delivers 480 HP and 570 Nm, or 30 HP and 20 Nm more than the Carrera S. It’s not a lot but there are other elements that raise the overall dynamic qualities starting from the set-up that derives from that of the Turbo and also includes the active suspension (with the new preload springs at the rear) in the standard equipment. It means that when you switch to Sport and Sport + modes the shock absorbers harden and the German sports car becomes even sharper. We have seen this by taking it to the limit between the curbs of the new Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta; it is a very technical track where the GTS show all their qualities.

On the track we focused on the 4WD Coupé, probably the most effective despite the extra weight compared to the 2WD. The traction it is able to develop out of corners is phenomenal, managing to put every horsepower on the ground and continuously distributing the thrust between the front and rear. In braking, on the other hand, you can appreciate the power and modulation of the braking system, also derived from the Turbo. The sensitivity of the left pedal allows you to measure the deceleration with precision, bringing the braking almost to the point of the rope – as required by the particular weight distribution of the 911 – and performing a manual entry. At that point, the partial throttle travel phase is reduced and you can quickly return to stepping on the accelerator by taking advantage of the load transfer and the mass of the cantilevered flat six that weighs on the rear axle. It may sound complicated but it is not, because another skill of the 911 GTS is to make life easier for the driver.

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Speaking of ease, in road use this Porche can be as docile as a lamb – the 8-speed double clutch gearbox is of great help but if you want there is also a 7-speed manual – and go almost unnoticed, even if elements such as the rims monodado stand out. Speaking of notes, however, the exhaust is perhaps the most engaging ever tested on a turbocharged 911 and the engineers who redesigned the exhaust line and removed some of the internal insulation absolutely deserve applause. In any case, the cockpit proves to be an excellent place to spend a lot of time.

Rossen Gargolov

The GTS set-up is characterized by dark colors, micro-fiber coatings (also on the steering wheel rim), plus sports seats and the presence of some gadgets, such as the Sport Chrono package, the Track Precision app and the indicator. tire temperature. The latest news is the most updated version of the infotainment which is now also compatible with Android Auto.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, card

What it is: the Gran Turismo Sport version of the 992 generation, more performing than the “S”, less specialized than the GT3

Dimensions: length 4.53 meters, width 1.85 m, height 1.30 m, pitch 2.45 m

Trunk: 132 liters (front) + 264 liters (rear)

Motor: 3-liter bi-turbo petrol, 6-cylinder boxer, maximum power 480 HP, maximum torque 570 Nm

Exchange: automatic 8-speed double clutch

Traction: whole wheat

Benefits: performance, driving pleasure, versatility, quality

Defects: adaptive cruise control optional, standard equipment to be completed

Production: Zuffenhausen, Germany

Prices: The price list of the 911 GTS starts from 146,743 euros for the 2-wheel drive Coupé and goes up to 169,435 euros for the four-wheel drive Cabriolet and Targa

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