Porsche 911, two specimens climb the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile

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The undertaking that completed two “Big Foot” prototypes of the Porsche 911 is somewhat reminiscent of the Overland expeditions: built starting from the technical basis of the latest edition of the German sports car, they were used to reach the slopes of Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world, located in Chile at an altitude of 6,007 meters. Leading the team of adventurers was Romain Dumas, a star driver in the world of Endurance racing.

The cars have been equipped with a dedicated set-up, which has more to do with the world of extreme off-roading than with that of the racetracks, where racing 911s generally whiz by. The wheels are also maxi, housed in mudguards with a completely modified geometry. And yet, under the rear bonnet of the vehicle pulsates the same 3-litre biturbo boxer as the 911 4S, capable of delivering 450 HP of power and combined with the 7-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive.

Also part of the equipment is the roll cage, carbon fiber seats and specific axles, compatible with a ground clearance of as much as 35 cm. The gear ratios have also been changed, closer together, designed to compensate for the extra-large tires with knobby tread and to tackle the steepest climbs. While the underbody is protected by light and resistant aramid fiber panels.

Inevitable, as with any self-respecting off-roader, the manual and switchable differential locks and a winch installed in the front of the vehicle. Vehicle liveries? One is inspired by the racing 963 LMDh and the other was designed by the Weissach design team. The two prototypes anticipate an unprecedented version of the Porsche 911, arriving in the next few weeks: it will most likely be called “Dakar” and will be characterized by a raised set-up and an off-road connotation…

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