Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta, first year to be framed

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Franciacorta is the largest Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in the world: in chronological order the eighth of the German manufacturer that has just debuted on the stock market. The ninth is in Tokyo and the tenth will be built in Canada, in Toronto: the other seven are in Leipzig and Hockenheim (Germany), Silverstone (United Kingdom), Atlanta and Los Angeles (United States), Shanghai (China) and Le Mans (France).

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One year after its inauguration, which took place on 11 September 2021 (“It’s a dream come true”, commented Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche and today also of the entire Volkswagen group), the national branch has anticipated the numbers that illustrate the story of an “announced success”. That is 22,000 admissions, two thousand more than the target set, eight thousand of which linked to the Porsche Festival whose 2022 edition, the seventh, is underway this weekend, and 148 events hosted, practically one every two days, also considering that, at least in theory, the PEC would be closed on Mondays.

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Porsche has invested about thirty million euros in the structure, which has five tracks (speed, off-road, low grip, dynamic area and drifting), not counting the go-kart track, a track of about half a kilometer where they are already 90,000 laps were covered, the fastest of which in just under 42 ” (41,894). The main circuit, the only one among those of the other PECs to be homologated for FIA tests, has already hosted 8 races. Excluding those, the accounting of the first year speaks of 191,000 kilometers traveled and the Porsche GT3 as the most popular car for driving on the track. “The feedback we have received during this first year of activity is extremely positive,” explains Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italy. How many zeros the “extremely positive response” translates into is not yet known, but the figure will somehow affect the balance sheet of the national branch.

The center is a new pole of attraction reserved not only for fans of the brand or driving on the track. It has also hosted other kinds of initiatives: Scott chose it for the presentation of its range of bikes and it was also used to shoot music videos. Porsche has equipped some models to allow even the disabled to enjoy the thrill of high speed and the circuit. Specifically, on Porsches with automatic transmission, a lever is mounted under the steering column mechanically connected to the brake pedal and the driver wears a wireless glove with a trigger that controls the accelerator. The center, the manager insists, “has brought more people closer to our brand, even those who have not always been a Porsche enthusiast. There are those who come to PEC to push hard but also those who come to experience a day out of the ordinary in an exclusive space that offers memorable experiences ”.

You can also come to Franciacorta to admire the small collection of historic Porsches, to ride on go-karts and even to appreciate the cuisine and wines of the Speedster panoramic restaurant and the coffee of the Targa bar, which in 12 months has already served 31,000.

In short, the Italian PEC proposes a wider format than the others precisely because of the context in which it is inserted and for the infrastructure it has (the ambition is also to create an accommodation facility). It is no coincidence that Gianluca Rubaga, the Center Manager, a 49-year-old from Brescia, took the trouble to count not only the number of visitors, but also the nationalities of origin: even 54, including China, Indonesia, Iceland, Armenia, Qatar and Australia, just to name a few. “What struck us most was the great interest on the part of important international companies that have chosen the PEC for their corporate, consumer and incentive events”, concludes Innocenti.

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