Porsche, Italy is the third European market and sets the record for after sales

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Porsche Italia does not equal the historical record of the parent company, which last year, despite the repercussions of the pandemic and the shortage of semiconductors, exceeded 300,000 units sold, but has many reasons to be satisfied.

One is linked to the after-sales turnover, which with over 50 million sets a new record for the beautiful country, where volumes have increased by a quarter compared to 2020 and by a fifth compared to 2019. The other concerns the number of registrations, which there were 6,274: they are 6.4% lower than those of 2019, but are 8% higher than those of 2020, with growth greater than that of the market (+ 5.5%). And then there is an order book that already covers at least the first six months of 2022, as Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italia recalled. The manager also successfully archived the inauguration of the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, where since September 44 events have already been organized and 11,000 visitors have been registered. In Italy, in Arezzo, the first Porsche Approved and Service Center in Europe was also opened (in 2022 those in Cesena, Pescara, Palermo and Pavia will also follow): an operation that confirms the credibility of the management of the Italian market, the third of Europe as volumes behind Germany and the United Kingdom. Innocenti himself also claimed for Porsche Italia the national primacy for the high-performance recharging network: 25 stations (which will grow thanks to the cooperation with Q8) against 20 from the Ionity consortium and 10 from Enel X.

The push for a new global offensive renamed “Sonderwunsch” (special wish), a personalization project started with Paolo Barilla, also came from Italy. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, the entrepreneur and driver wanted to celebrate the success of 1985 at 24h of Le Mans with a special 911 that recalls the victorious 956 that arrived directly from Zuffenhausen. The co-creation lasted 3 years.

Porsche’s digital offensive was very successful in Italy, second in Europe only to the United Kingdom for online purchases: 91% concerned used vehicles and 71% were new customers, among other things much more young people compared to the “traditional” average age. The figure is also confirmed by the attendees of the Porsche @ CityLife in Milan, where 42,000 visitors (one quarter women) were registered on average aged 33 years. Brescia will be involved with an initiative similar to Areadocks, an old railway warehouse renovated with the contemporary taste of post-industrial areas, where Porsche has a temporary store. The national subsidiary of the German manufacturer is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions with the carbon neutrality of the expanded warehouse in Rovigo, the first in the world of Porsche completely carbon neutral in the face of doubled capacity, where a photovoltaic system has been installed as in the Franciacorta circuit and at the Padua headquarters. Overall, the Italian interventions are worth a reduction of 370 tons per year of carbon dioxide. In Italy, 620 Taycans were registered in 2021, equal to 10% of volumes. The top seller remains the Macan (2,265), which alone is worth 36% of sales, followed by the 911, which with 1,248 units has almost double the Porsche average (20 versus 12%). The Cayenne, Porsche’s other SUV, covers a quarter of registrations: 1,525 units. 85% of Panamera license plates are plug-in. 30% of Italian sales are on tap.

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