Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the eclectic electric with raised trim and increased price list

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Not really in the mine, but in the quarry, yes. Those most resentful of those who can afford a luxury car will be happy to know a few dozen people behind the wheel of a Porsche have been sent into the dust. An ephemeral joy, because the “volunteers” were not sent to pickaxe, but to experience the potential of the second electric model of the premium manufacturer from Zuffenhausen, the Cross Turismo. Which is an “explorer” evolution from the Taycan, that is a seductive shooting brake that measures 11 millimeters in length and 31 in height more than the model from which it derives. Since luxury knows no crisis or, at least, does not know Porsche, which contributed 40% of the Volkswagen group’s profits in the budget for the year of the pandemic, the brand can afford to offer a new model at a price that is anything but. popular. The least expensive variant starts at just under 97,000 euros. In addition to substantially greater versatility, the entry level all-wheel drive is a novelty of the range: an option that explains why the price list is 10,000 more than the “base” Taycan sedan (so to speak), while for the top of the range the range is only 1,500 euros.

Aesthetically it is more convincing than the sports sedan, even if it is a matter of taste, while technically it offers something more. For example, a greater ground clearance that can reach 30 millimeters, between 10 and 14 centimeters for the Taycan and between 12 and 17 for the Cross Turismo, which benefits from a suspension travel of 52 millimeters. It means that the wealthy and unscrupulous owners will also be able to venture off-road. Which is not exactly the vocation of this machine of over 2.2 tons of weight (unladen) and 290 centimeters of wheelbase, but the slightly bumpy terrain does not impress the Cross Turismo. The profile ensures more headroom for passengers in the second row (almost 5 centimeters gained), while the different layout of the car has made it possible to expand the luggage compartment capacity, which now starts at 446 liters (405 for the Turbo S) and which it reaches 1,212 (1,171): this is about eighty liters more. Porsche has also developed a special roof box (an additional 480 liters), not counting the 84 in the front trunk. In addition there is the particular reclining bicycle rack that applies to the rear that allows the transport of an additional 50 kilograms, equivalent to two Porsche-branded e-bikes weighing no less than 21 kilograms each (between 8 and 10,000 euros cost) .

The Cross Turismo is a car for decidedly more enterprising motorists on paper to which the engineers from Zuffenhausen wanted to continue to guarantee the performance of the sedan, but with a lot more flexibility. Nonetheless, it is difficult to foresee campsites besieged by “porschisti” eager to experience the potential of the model.

Behind the wheel, the frightening torque (1,050 Nm) of the Turbo S ensures much more than the proverbial “modest amount” of pleasure. The electric propulsion does not detract from the pleasure of driving an exaggeratedly exclusive model (it is still unrivaled), even if the weight ends up affecting at least a little on the sincerity of the response. Let’s be clear: the Cross Turismo remains a car for refined palates (and bulging wallets). And for people who value comfort. Porsche promises a regeneration capacity of 290 kW for the Turbo S (275 for the rest of the range): “Nobody does better”, assures the manufacturer. Which also explains how 90% of slowdowns occur electrically, that is, recovering energy. After leaving the quarry, before returning to the Porsche Museum, the on-board computer warns that on arrival there will be just 6% of the charge left. Driving carefully, also setting the Range mode for saving (a sort of oxymoron for a model of this kind), after almost 140 kilometers, the display indicates that the accumulator still has 12% of the “full”. Not bad: getting overtaken by a Logan on the freeway isn’t pleasant, but if it takes you to your destination, then that’s okay.


What it is: it is the eclectic electric of Zuffenhausen. The Cross Turismo declination also adds a touch of voluptuousness in the lines and greater versatility to the performance of the Taycan. It is difficult to imagine the owner of a car with these characteristics and with this price to drive it regularly off-road. But, of course, it lends itself if necessary. And also convincingly.

Dimensions: length 4.97 meters, width 1.97, height 1.41, pitch 2.9.

Rivals: At least currently, the Taycan Cross Turismo is still an unrivaled model.

Engines: the Turbo S is the top of the range with its two engines for a total of 721 Hp of power with overboost (625 without) and 1,050 Nm of torque with an acceleration from 0 to 100 per hour of 2.9 seconds. The other declinations are the Turbo (680 Hp and 850 Nm), the 4S (571 Hp and 650 Nm) and the entry level 4, also with all-wheel drive (in the Taycan range this variant is not available), with 380 Hp and 500 Nm. The maximum speed is 250 per hour for the Turbo S and Turbo, 240 for the 4S and 220 for the 4, which however is the one with the greatest autonomy, up to 456 km. All Cross Turismo are equipped with the 93.4 kWh Performance Battery.

Advantages: boot capacity, acceleration, versatility

Defects: weight, ease of access

Production: Zuffenhausen (Germany)

Prices: the price list is between 96.841euro and 193.343 of the Turbo S

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