Project Maybach, Virgil Abloh’s latest work

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Project Maybach should have been the protagonist of an exclusive event last December 1st, to celebrate the centenary of the debut of the first Maybach W 3. It is a show car born from the creative genius of Virgil Abloh and the pencil of Gorden Wagener, number one of the Mercedes design. An event that was canceled because Abloh lost his long battle against an angiosarcoma just three days earlier. Following the wishes of the family of the designer Mercedes-Benz, he opened the doors of the Rubell Museum in Miami to show the Project Maybach to the public, also reserving exclusive access to students of local design schools. A small contribution to the great legacy and vision of the eclectic Illinois artist.

“We want to respectfully celebrate the work of a truly unique design talent, who created endless possibilities for cooperation through his unbridled imagination that inspired everyone who knew his work” was the thought of all Mercedes-Benz. Project Maybach, its design is different from any other car with the star on the hood. The language of its design is completely original: the shape is that of a coupé, the body is 6 meters long but there are only two seats. powertrain is 100% electric but no technical specifications have been formalized. What is certain, however, is that its wheels can digest any type of surface. The sand-colored monolithic bodywork defines a grand tourer more at ease in the mountains than in the metropolises, letting you imagine what the boundaries of the most exclusive exploration are.

In making it, Abloh and Wagener had the utmost creative freedom, not tied to production requirements. Thus, under the transparent surface of the front hood there are photovoltaic cells that increase the autonomy. Project Maybach’s intent is to inspire a new generation of explorers, inviting the world to rediscover the great outdoors with a new perspective. In other words, it is about recovering the original spirit of the brand, of its role as an engine of creative research that in the past has inspired characters of all categories: members of royal families, world leaders, dreamers, connoisseurs and luminaries.

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