Ram 1500 Revolution, here is the concept that anticipates the first Stellantis electric pick-up

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While the Ford F-150 Lighting is already on sale (in the USA) and the electric Chevrolet Silverado will arrive in the fall of 2023, Ram Trucks presented the Ram 1500 Revolution at CES in Las Vegas, the prototype of the 100% electric version of the his most popular pickup.

For the standard one we will have to wait for next year, when the challenge with the two historic competitors will extend beyond the traditional V6 and V8 engines. A very important competition given that the internal combustion versions of the three pick-ups occupied the podium of the best-selling vehicles in the United States in 2022, with numbers in the order of half a million units: Ford closed closer to 700,000, clearly detaching the Chevrolet (just above 500,000 units) and the Ram (just below). Returning to the Ram 1500 Revolution, the executives of the American brand have declared that they want to obtain the leadership in the electric vehicle sector.

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That’s why they equipped their zero-emission pick-up with the best of available technology, including seamless connectivity. What immediately catches the eye, however, is the futuristic design, with the animated front badge and the full LED headlights in the shape of a tuning fork (also animated). There is no central pillar and therefore the doors open like those of a saloon and inside you can create a workstation with a removable center console with a folding surface. Another absolute novelty are the electric folding seats in the third row. The latter have a removable lower section and, in addition to guaranteeing maximum flexibility in the configuration of the seats, they allow the creation of a space (which continues in the frunk) for objects up to five and a half meters long.

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Speaking instead of technique, the Ram 1500 Revolution uses the new STLA Frame architecture designed specifically for full-size electric vehicles which includes four-wheel steering. The chassis remains separate from the bodywork and integrates the battery pack, which features aerodynamic panels and an active underbody diffuser. The two motors, one for each axle, define a four-wheel drive without a propeller shaft and the electrical architecture includes an 800 Volt system that supports up to 350 kW of charging power. It is still too early to talk about numbers and autonomy, but the American company has said that this Ram will be at the top in this area, but also in terms of towing capacity, payload and recharge time.

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