Ram Revolution Concept, the pick-up becomes 100% electric

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On this side of the Atlantic, pick-ups, vehicles with rear loading bodies, have always been considered work vehicles: in the USA, on the other hand, they are as popular as SUVs and are true icons of American motoring. One of the most famous and appreciated models is the Ram 1500, a beast almost 6 meters long, powered by a traditional V8 petrol engine. Not really an eco-friendly car, then.

Hence, Ram has decided to reinterpret its flagship pick-uk, electrifying it: the result of the operation is the “Revolution Concept”, a prototype that anticipates the forms and technical contents of the electric-powered Ram 1500, which will go into production in 2024 A salient feature, in addition to the electron mechanics, is the presence of doors with wardrobe openings, designed to facilitate access on board. And there is no shortage of essential accessories for any self-respecting pick-up, such as retractable tow hooks. The compactness of the electric motors has also made it possible to obtain a front load compartment instead of the internal combustion engine.

Other goodies are the double-leaf tailgate (which gives access to a variable-length cargo box), flush door handles and electric side and rear steps. The concept, which rests on 24” wheels, is built on the basis of the STLA Frame EV platform, which incorporates the batteries on the bottom of the frame. Inside, made with sustainable materials, the large info-telematic screen, connected to the network, stands out. Another peculiarity is the bulkhead that divides the cab and the cargo bed: it hides a third row of seats. There are also technologies such as digital side mirrors, the head-up display with augmented reality and third-level autonomous driving.

The mechanics include four-wheel steering – they improve agility or stability depending on the driving situations – and four-wheel drive, connected to a pair of electric motors, one for the front and one for the rear. The equipment is completed by the pneumatic suspensions and the 350 kW quick charge, which allows you to recharge 160 km of autonomy in 10 minutes. The standard version of the Revolution will also be marketed with a Range Extender, i.e. a heat engine that will act as an on-board electric generator to recharge the battery. A good solution to combat recharging anxiety.

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