Record-breaking Audi, highest operating profit in history in 2021. Record also for the Italian subsidiaries

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In 2021 Audi recorded an operating profit of almost 5.5 billion euros, the highest in the history of the Four Rings house despite the fact that in the last quarter deliveries were significantly penalized by the shortage of semiconductors: in the first half of year had recorded record volumes. In the end, the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer marketed just over 1.68 million cars, 0.7% less than in 2020. Like other manufacturers, Audi also sold better, that is, more prestigious models and higher prices: the turnover it went from 50 to 53 billion euros (+ 6.2%) with a return on sales of 10.4%, doubled compared to the previous year. Employees will also benefit from company results: those employed in Germany will be credited with a bonus that can reach € 5,670, five times the 1,080 in 2020.

Deliveries of zero-emission cars increased by 57.5% to reach 82,000 units. The most popular models were the Q4 e-tron (over 21,000 units) and the e-tron GT quattro (nearly 7,000). By 2026, Audi will bring to over 10 the number of electric vehicles marketed in China, the main market in the world where it also operates through the new Audi FAW NEV joint venture, of which the German manufacturer controls the majority. Markus Duesman, the CEO, has cooled the enthusiasm about the adoption of solid-state batteries, the first small quantities of which will only be used in the second half of the decade. Instead, he reassured the fans of the brand with less financial resources: Audi will focus on the most prestigious segments, but will still offer an A3, albeit electric, in the future.

In any case, globally from 2026 (the year in which a range of about twenty zero-emission cars is planned) the house of the Four Rings will launch exclusively electric models, although in the second half of 2025 it will present a revised range of hybrid power supplies. . On the CO2 front, the commitment is to reduce them by 40% by 2030 starting from the levels of 2018.

Net of the repercussions of the war in Ukraine, which at present no one is able to estimate, Audi expects deliveries to grow by 2022, between 1.8 and 1.9 million units, with total revenues between 62 and 65 billion. and an operating margin between 9 and 10%

In the future of Audi there is a more extensive cooperation with other brands in the galaxy, such as the Italian Lamborghini and Ducat, ie the group, such as Bentley. The synergies will yield growing benefits for the transformation towards electric mobility.

Lamborghini delivered 8,405 cars (+ 13%) in 2021, a new historical record for the Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturer. Turnover jumped 19% to 1.95 billion with an operating margin of 20.2% and therefore more than doubled compared to 2018. The profit reported is 393 million euros (+ 49%). Lamborghini aims for a profitability of between 22 and 25% despite an ambitious and significant investment plan (1.8 billion, totally self-financed) for the next 5 years. Ducati’s contribution to revenues was 878 million (new all-time high), while in terms of profit it was 61 million (another record). On 2019, the growth in percentage terms was respectively 23% and 18%. The 7% operating margin has already returned to pre-pandemic levels. The Borgo Panigale motorcycles have been sold like never before: with 59,447 units delivered (48,848 were produced in Italy), Ducati recorded a 12% increase over 2019.

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