Renault and the Onlus Every child is my child together for the little ones

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The Renault Group Italy and the Onlus Every child is my child together to support a series of projects to protect the little ones.

The association founded in 2017 and chaired by Anna Foglietta between the partners actors, directors, musicians, athletes and public figures, all united with the aim of a long series of purposes: the support of national and international organizations in defense of civil rights of children, the promotion of awareness and information campaigns on issues related to childhood, fundraising to support children in a state of economic difficulty or social hardship.

The meeting between Every child is my child and Renault led to the development of a new shared path in the name of solidarity. The group has decided to make a contribution to the association to participate in the Plaster School Project, a project aimed at supporting the education of children victims of the Syrian war through the creation of a school in Reyhanli, a Turkish refugee camp that hosts Syrian children. The team of Sodicam Italia, the Renault group company that deals with the sale of spare parts and services, has also created a playground for the children of some Roman shelters, La Nuova Arca, Il Tetto and Piccoli Passi.

La Nuova Arca, in particular, is a reality of solidarity born in 2007 to welcome and accompany single mothers with children and other people in situations of vulnerability both with structured services such as family-home or social housing, and with projects and interventions of work and housing integration, to favor the exit from social economic and personal disadvantage and the development of balanced reciprocity and social interdependence.

“It is wonderful to see how thanks to solidarity we were able to build these wonderful structures and create this network of collaboration – was the comment of the actress and president of the Anna Foglietta association – The creative process that led to all this is driven by passion and the desire to give happiness to children. Over the years Everychild has tried to do just that: to give a smile where it wasn’t and it’s always exciting for me and for us to meet people who want to do the same and who are so close to the world of childhood. Our slogan is ‘every child is our child’ where no child is different and no one should be forgotten. “

“We have always thought that our mission is much more to connect and bring human beings together than to connect places – said Raffaele Fusilli, CEO of Renault Italy – we are really happy and proud to participate to some extent in the praiseworthy project of the Plaster School, and we are inaugurating also a playground for children, created entirely by our Sodicam Italia boys on the occasion of a recent team building, which we donate to three family homes in the city of Rome. It is our way of demonstrating, with concrete action, support to these realities that operate daily in the social field, accompanying the most fragile categories towards inclusion and the affirmation of their human dignity “.

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