Renault Captur E-Tech, the “full hybrid” version arrives

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Hybrid technology is not just a hymn to environmental sustainability, it has also become an element of seduction, a valid purchase motivation. Today the hybrid versions are indispensable in every range and there are those who do not limit themselves to one solution: Renault, for example, on the Captur (which with the second generation of 2019 has accentuated the look of an urban SUV) today offers all the variants: unique Renault with every hybrid variation.


Among the engines available there were already TCe 90 petrol, TCe 100 petrol / LPG bifuel and TCe 140 petrol with micro-hybrid system, the first step into the world of hybrid (but without the possibility of traveling with zero emissions). Also at the top was the Plug-in Hybrid E-Tech 160, rechargeable on plug. Offers for every need on a successful model, sold since its debut in 2013 in over 1.5 million units in Europe, of which 214,000 in Italy. Captur in 2020 in our country was also the best-selling B-Suv to individuals and the leader in the segment among plug-ins.

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Now the last possible variant has arrived, the Captur E-Tech 145 equipped with a full-hybrid system. You travel by electric only for 3 km, but according to the Régie technicians, thanks to the continuous automatic recharges (in deceleration and braking), 80% of urban journeys can be completed with zero emissions, the average consumption is reduced by up to 40% , with 5 liters per 100 km and emissions are limited to 113 g / km.

Why this other offer? Simple, you save 6 thousand euros compared to the corresponding Plug-in versions. True hybrid, but cheaper. The price list starts at 25,750 euros (Zen set-up) and reaches 31,300 for the top of the Initiale Paris range. In between are the other variants Intens, RS Line and Business, available in loans from 139 euros per month.


The Captur full-hybrid retains all the already known qualities of agility and comfort, with a “plus” of 20 Nm which brings the torque to 148 Nm. The E-Tech 145 Hybrid is pleasant to drive, brilliant enough, and has of several selectable dynamic modes, including the EV that is activated with a button to travel in pure electric until the battery runs out.

The display in front of the steering wheel shows the charging phases and the central 9.3 “display in the center of the dashboard indicates in real time (also) the energy flows. As standard from the entry model we find automatic climate control, automatic headlight switching and rain sensors. Many other features are available, depending on the version or as an option.


The propulsion system combines the 1.6 4-cylinder petrol engine with two electric motors (one small to support the start functions and the other for traction) for a total power of 145 HP. The electro-actuated automatic transmission derived from sports, without clutch, has 4 gears and offers good performance, with ready and modular downshifts without annoying “drag” impressions.


Captur E-Tech Hybrid 145 allows you to optimize the different sources of energy available, electric and thermal. It is a further step in the electrification plan (Renaulution) launched by Renault CEO Luca De Meo, which envisages a range of 14 battery-powered models by 2025, and 90% of full-electric vehicles by 2030.

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