Renault will only produce electric cars from 2030

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Renault will become a 100% electric brand in Europe by 2030: this was announced by CEO Luca de Meo. The brand, therefore, will anticipate by five years the stop on the production of thermal engines that the European Union would like to impose. However, De Meo stated that the French group will still sell cars powered by internal combustion engines through the Dacia brand – which represents over 1/5 of the French giant’s sales – after 2030; or if lack of infrastructure or high electricity prices were not compatible with a battery-only range.

Last year, electric vehicles accounted for around 11% of all sales in Western Europe, up from 6.8% in 2020. “We have an obligation to participate in the transition” to a Europe of zero emissions, said de Meo. It should be remembered that Renault has just launched the Megane E-Tech Electric, its second all-electric car after the Zoe, which came on the market in 2013. By 2025 it will be followed by at least four other battery-powered models, including the small Renault. 5, a compact SUV, a small crossover inspired by the classic Renault 4 and a Van.

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