Safarista, here is the latest creation of Automobili Amos

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Automobili Amos strikes again: after the Delta Futurista, the “Safarista”, an edition of the now famous restomod presented in 2018 inspired by the world of extreme rallies, sends enthusiasts into a jujube soup.

“From our point of view, too often cars are bought as trophies rather than objects capable of giving their owners unforgettable experiences, and it is through this new Project that we want to create a community of like-minded people who can share adventures around the world. , creating memories that will last a lifetime ”, underlines Automobili Amos in a press release.

Hence, the legendary Delta is resurrected from top to bottom, equipped with a new engine, brand new suspension, carbon bodywork and transmission with sequential gearbox and differentials derived from the world of racing. While fully adjustable raised suspension and sturdy underbody protections underline the rallying nature of the vehicle. The full technical details are yet to be defined, but some firsts such as the carbon fiber front wheel covers, the knobby tires and the full roll cage, reek of automotive pornography.

The cockpit? Dried all the superfluous: only the sports seats with six-point belts, the gear lever, pedals, steering wheel and an inevitable hydraulic handbrake survive. And there is no lack of digital instrumentation with a motorsport flavor. Just 10 copies of the Safarista will be made, each sold at a price of 570 thousand euros.

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