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Double approval and excellent audio quality, in any situation. These are the strengths of theOutrush R, the latest helmet made by Sena, a leading brand in the field of communication systems for helmets. After the line of integral Momentum (with the Evo and Lite models) and jets (Outstar), the German company has decided to start production of a modular modelwhich allows greater versatility and for this reason it is increasingly in demand by the public.

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The shell is made up of a single polycarbonate shell, with a removable and washable inner lining. There line is modern and captivating, with ribs that mark the line of air flows and help reduce turbulence. There are two air vents with sliding openings, one on the upper central part and the other on the chin guard, with outlets on both sides in the rear part of the helmet. Both can be operate with just one finger and this facilitates the manoeuvre, even on the move. The same goes for the central button which is used to unlock the chin rest and allows you to move the front of the helmet by 90 degrees. The maneuver can be done with just one hand and a click (very clear) lets you know when the chin is safely in the vertical position. At that point, the only shelter for the eyes is the sun visor, very large and with an “interlocking” shape in the design of the (removable) nose guard mounted inside the chin guard. And the “chin strap” is always removable, soft and of reduced thickness precisely to squeeze on the shell when the chin guard is raised: in this way, it is possible to minimize the “sail effect”.

There closure is micrometricwith quick release buckle and padding close to the straps so as not to “cut” the throat and chin.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

On the left side, there is the lever for operating the sun visor, in a forward and easy to reach position. Further back is the control unit for the communication system. Yeah, why call it “intercom” would be an understatement: In addition to that function, it offers the possibility of connections to telephone, gps and even FM radio. And still on the left, inside the helmet is the boom with microphone (flexible) protected by an «anti-rustle» sponge.

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The test took place at the wheel of a BMW 1250 GS and a BMW 1250 RT. Despite the weight of 1700 grams, the sensation is light. In the specimen received for testing, the internal design of the padding pressed a little between the cheekbone and jaw, but we must consider that each physiognomy is different from the others: sizes start from S (too bad for the lack of an XS) and go to XXL. The visor has a very clear closing click, to the point that you need two fingers to apply pressure and lift the eye protection. Once lowered, the hold is excellent and the same goes for the sun visor, which allows you to drive even with grazing light. There is some problem with the ventilation, not exactly optimal: at low speeds, the visor fogs up, even with both vents open. A condition that certainly cannot be replicated in the cold season.

As soon as 40 kilometers per hour are exceeded, the situation changes. Fogging disappears and noise is limited, considering that modular helmets do not offer the same sound insulation as full-face helmets. The design, then, limits the turbulence and makes Pleasant to drive even at highway speeds. With the sun visor lowered, it is also possible to travel long stretches at intermediate speed while keeping the chin guard raised.

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And then, there is the «intercom» part, the jewel of Sena. The company is known and appreciated for these systems, which are applied “after market” by many motorcyclists on helmets of all brands. The decision to market an “all in one” device is an added value: the motorcyclist does not have to adapt the helmet to the system or vice versa, but already finds the two systems integrated, reducing the risk of damage or malfunctions. An excellence system is mounted on the Outrush R, which allows the communication between two motorcyclists 900 meters apart. To obtain this result, however, a control unit that is not too “minimalist” in size is needed. For that «box», the Sena technicians were unable to find a place inside the helmet: the result penalizes the aesthetics, with the control unit placed outside as could happen with any system purchased «after market». Apart from this, the Sena brand confirms its reputation in the sector, with a system that guarantees communications in an optimal way. Purchased on the German company’s website, that system alone would cost more than 200 euros. Having the integrated solution for 279 euros can be an advantageous choice from an economic point of view, provided you accept some compromises regarding aesthetics and ventilation.

Outrush R with Bluetooth technology

Price 279 euros

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