September crash test: Model Y passed with honors, five stars also for Wey and Ora

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September also begins with a new round of crash tests signed by EuroNCAP. In the fifth test of 2022, the independent European safety body tested five models, including Tesla’s highly anticipated Model Y, two models from China’s Great Wall Motor (the Ora Funky Cat and the Wey Coffee 01) and the Kia Niro, spreading results that have never dropped below 4 stars.

Starting from the cars that scored the maximum score, the Model Y stands out: built in the Gigafactory that Tesla developed in Berlin, Elon Musk’s new SUV has struck in the protection of adult occupants and adas, coming to touch, in terms of 100% safety percentage: in the first case it stopped at 97%, in the second at 98% obtaining full marks for lane keeping assistance and the new driver monitoring system based on the camera in the passenger compartment . In track tests, the camera monitoring system achieved brilliant results in preventing collisions with other cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

The two Chinese also obtained satisfactory results, deserving five stars: for EuroNCAP, the demonstration that the goal of conquering the European market is based on investments that also go through security, just as it already happened for NIO, Lynk & Co and MG . Both have exceeded 90% for adult occupant protection, as well as for electronic driver assistance systems: 93% for Ora’s Funky Cat, 93% for Wey’s Coffee 01.

Five stars, finally, also for the Genesis GV60, albeit with some notes from EuroNCAP regarding the margin for improvement in the protection of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists: the Korean electric SUV achieves the same result already obtained by the GV70 and GV80, tested in 2021. Four stars instead for the Kia Niro, if equipped with standard equipment (which also includes a front camera system). If you buy the optional “DriveWise” safety extra package, a radar is also added to the sensors and the stars become five.

“We have seen good results in the past from some Chinese manufacturers, but also very poor ones. This year, EuroNCAP will test more Chinese cars than it has ever done and Great Wall really sets the standard for others to follow – was the comment of Michiel van Ratingen, general secretary of the body – Also, congratulations to Tesla for the truly exceptional and record-breaking Model Y rating. Tesla has proven that nothing but the best is good enough for them, and we hope to see them continue to aspire to that goal in the future. “

The results of the September crash tests
Tesla Model Y

Adult protection: 97%
Child protection: 87%
Vulnerable road user protection: 82%
Safety Assist: 98%

Now Funky Cat
Adult protection: 92%
Child protection: 83%
Vulnerable road user protection: 74%
Safety Assist: 93%

Way Coffee 01
Adult protection: 91%
Child protection: 87%
Vulnerable road user protection: 79%
Safety Assist: 94%

Genesis GV60
Adult protection: 89%
Child protection: 87%
Vulnerable road user protection: 63%
Safety Assist: 88%

Kia Niro
Adult protection: 91%
Child protection: 84%
Vulnerable road user protection: 75%
Safety Assist: 60%

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