Shelby Cobra Diamond Edition, 10 super exclusive specimens for the company’s 60th anniversary

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Ten hand-built specimens with a very high technical level and a mind-boggling price. This is the identity card of the Shelby Cobra Diamond Edition, that is a continuation series inspired by the legendary Cobra of the Sixties, which will be created to celebrate Shelby’s 60th anniversary. Each example of this fantastic dozen will cost no less than 1.2 million dollars, a base from which you will start and then add the customizations desired by the owner. In any case, anyone who gets behind the wheel of this racing car will have to treat it with great respect, given that powers over 800 hp are expected combined with a featherweight: the entire carbon fiber body weighs only 40 kilos.

To carry out this project, Shelby collaborated with Classic Recreations, a Texan company – headquartered in Dallas – which a year ago had already dealt with another continuation series much appreciated by fans of “American horses”, namely the Mustang. GT500CR.

Returning to the technical characteristics, under the sinuous bonnet there will be the 5-liter V8 of the Coyote series in the Gen3 version. It is a powertrain developed directly by Ford Performance which is available both naturally aspirated and supercharged with a supercharger. The transmission, on the other hand, is a 6-speed manual Tremec, a number that also occurs in the number of brake caliper pistons on the discs, both front and rear.

Compared to the measurements of the original Cobra, there are some differences here, as the cockpit has been lengthened to increase the space available for the legs. Even the floor, in any case, is in carbon fiber, while the suspensions are made to measure, independent both at the front and at the rear. This is what we know so far, including the fact that the car will not be road legal but will be a real track animal, with all the necessary equipment. Finally, the chassis numbers will follow those of the original racing Cobra, the Shelby logo will be coated in diamonds and there will be the signature of the legendary Carroll Shelby on the dashboard.

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