Silk-Faw: the production of the Hongqi will take place near Reggio Emilia

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The new Hongqi Serie ‘S’ will speak Italian, an electrified supercar designed by the famous Walter de Silva. Its Italian character will not be “only” a matter of style: in fact Silk-Faw (joint venture between Silk EV, an international engineering company, and Faw, one of the major Chinese car manufacturers), owner of the Hongqi brand, has made it official that the construction of the he car will take place in the heart of the Motor Valley, in the Gavassa area, north of Reggio Emilia. An investment of around one billion euros is planned in this area for the construction of a production site and a research and development center. A thousand jobs will arise, plus thousands more in related industries. The start of production – which should also include an SUV – is scheduled for 2023.

Not only that, Silk-Faw has announced the appointment of Amedeo Felisa as Special Advisor to the President of Silk-Faw, Jonathan Krane, and a member of the Senior Advisory Board. Felisa will lead the definition of the company’s global strategy and supervise the execution of all phases of the business plan. Felisa’s name is well known in the news due to his past in Ferrari, where he spent 26 years of his forty-year career, also holding the role of managing director and member of the board of directors.

“We are happy to welcome Amedeo Felisa, one of the most experienced managers in the automotive sector: in his long career he has managed the entire life cycle, from design to marketing, of countless car models that have redefined standards in terms of industry performance, quality and design, ”Jonathan Krane explains in an official note.

“My passion for high performance cars leads me to warmly welcome the opportunity to work with Silk-Faw to develop the next generation of premium cars,” commented Amedeo Felisa: “Our investment in the Motor Valley constitutes for the area a long-term contribution. We are attracting the best talent in engineering and the automotive sector, thanks to which, through the new “S” series from Hongqi, we will raise the level of engineering and technical skills for a luxury product in China. I am looking forward to working with the whole team to produce high quality sports cars for both the Chinese and global markets ”.

The first fruit of this industrial and engineering “melting pot” will be the Hongqi S9, the first expression of the “S” series. As previously written, the vehicle bears the signature of Walter De Silva, world-renowned designer, and VP Styling and Design of Silk-Faw, who will handle the entire line of the Hongqi ‘S’ series. The technical details on the car’s engines are meager: it is known only that, initially, the S9 will be powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain, that is, rechargeable on plug; subsequently it will also be offered in a 100% electric variant.

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