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The RS version completes the range of the Skoda Enyaq iV, which now also has its performance version. The front engine is added to the rear engine, as was already the case on the 80x version, but here the power rises again, growing from 265 to 299 HP, which is discharged to all four wheels without the need for a drive shaft. Furthermore, compared to all the other Enyaq iVs, the top speed (electronically limited) increases from 160 to 180 km/h, while the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in 6.5 seconds. As far as autonomy is concerned, however, the RS leaves the main Skoda plant in Mladá Boleslav – the Enyaq iV, even in the coupé variant, is the only model born on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform not to be produced in Germany – only with the largest battery cut among those available, i.e. with a gross capacity of 82 kWh which becomes 77 net kWh and determine a maximum WLTP approved range of over 500 km.

In this regard, the accumulators accept up to 135 kW of direct current power when recharging, an improvement due to the new ME3.2 vehicle management software. In addition to offering more complete instrumentation (now the battery percentage indicator is always present and not just when the charge drops below 20%) it makes infotainment faster and supports the Plug & Charge function which allows you to recharge at stations enabled, without the need to identify yourself via card or smartphone.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Enyaq iV RS can be recognized by the bumpers with glossy black profiles, the rear reflector strip and the standard 20-inch alloy wheels. The dimensions do not change, not even those of the large 585-litre trunk. The sporty characterization continues inside with the high-containment seats with integrated head restraints, sports steering wheel and pedals and synthetic suede upholstery with green stitching.

“Mamba” green is also available for the bodywork, but while spectacular, it is certainly very eye-catching for a 4.65-metre-long car.

From a dynamic point of view, the Enyaq iV RS stands out for its sports suspension lowered by 1 cm (the one with adaptive electronic control is optional) and for the progressive power steering. Speaking of sportiness, let it be clear that this is not the car for attacking curves.

The more than twenty-two quintals of mass are always present and the brake pedal has a very relaxed feeling: to obtain braking power you have to push it hard and at that point it lacks progressiveness. Better to adopt a more fluid driving style, entering corners more slowly and exiting faster thanks to the abundant and instantaneous torque provided by the electric motors (460 Nm). The only whim allowed, apart from stimulating acceleration and instantaneous response recovery, is to “play” with the paddles behind the steering wheel that regulate regenerative braking.

Finding the preferred level is a mere matter of tastes and habits that change over time, because with electric bikes you have to learn to exploit kinetic energy in an intelligent way. All this while enjoying the great comfort of this Skoda which benefits from a Cx of only 0.265 to reduce hiss but also from a great general silence, due both to the electric propulsion and to the excellent soundproofing work. For the rest, being on board the Enyaq iV RS is always a pleasure: the connected infotainment system is managed very well through the 13-inch touchscreen and supports features such as the app that allows you to remotely control battery charging and pre-conditioning . In terms of safety, you can have up to 9 airbags, the most complete suite of driver assistance systems and augmented reality indications projected onto the windshield. Then there are the traditional simply clever solutions, in this case specific for electricity, such as an accessory for cleaning the charging cable and a special compartment for storing it, but also a protective cover for the dedicated socket.

Skoda Enyaq iV RS, the card

What is that: the sportier version of the first electric Skoda based on the MEB platform, a mid-size crossover

Dimensions: length 4.65 meters, width 1.88 m height 1.62 m, wheelbase 2.77 m

Trunk: 585 litres

Motor: two electric motors, synchronous with permanent magnets, power 299 HP, torque 460 Nm

Exchange: single speed

Traction: whole wheat

Merits: space on board, comfort, performance, technology

Defects: brake sensitivity, small instruments

Production: Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Prices: the price list of the Enyaq iV starts at 46,800 euros. The RS version is not yet available to order, but should cost around 62,000 euros

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