Skoda Enyaq iV, the proof – 100% electric, pragmatic and relaxing

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Skoda enters the future of zero-emission mobility with the Enyaq iV, or its first native electric, developed on the MEB platform, which is the technical basis of the Volkswagen Group for all new generation zero-emission cars. After breaking the ice with the little Citigo – also the daughter of a joint project at the German Group with the sisters Seat Mii and Volkswagen Up! – now the Bohemian brand is serious with the Enyaq iV, which as per Skoda tradition, offers a lot at very reasonable prices. The first thing that catches the eye is the large interior space, given that the batteries are located in the most central and lowest part of the vehicle and that the engine is so compact that it occupies the space usually reserved for the spare wheel. For now, the electric powertrain is only at the rear, soon also at the front for the four-wheel drive versions. The full Enyaq iV will arrive in the coming months, accompanied by the higher performance RS version.

Currently, you can choose between three rear-wheel drive versions with 148, 179 or 204 hp of power and batteries of 55 and 82 kWh respectively, which support charging in direct current up to 125 kW and in alternating up to 11 kW. Numbers that translate into autonomy (WLTP approved) ranging from 350 to 520 km, obviously depending on the conditions of use. Speaking of dimensions, the electric Skoda is a 4.65-meter-long SUV and boasts a large interior volume as evidenced by the 585-liter trunk. The design uses the family feeling of the rest of the range, but is slightly sharper and has a front of great presence. In this regard, as an option you can have the Crystal Face grille, that is an animated lighting (made up of 130 LEDs) of the grille that is activated when you get in or out of the car, in combination with the full LED Matrix headlights. The cabin is very comfortable, well soundproofed and finished with natural materials, sustainably processed and recycled. It can also be customized with ten thematic packages.

The 13-inch central display is the largest ever installed in a Škoda and the infotainment system it houses is always connected. In this way it supports features such as the app that allows you to remotely control battery charging and pre-air conditioning. In terms of safety, the Enyaq iV can have up to 9 airbags, the most complete suite of driver assistance systems and augmented reality indications projected on the windshield. Then there are the traditional simply clever solutions, in this case specific for the electric, such as an accessory for cleaning the charging cable and a special compartment for storing it, but also a protective cover for the dedicated socket. In this regard, with the card provided by Skoda you can access over 213,000 charging stations throughout Europe with a single billing system. To recharge at home, however, you can buy three different wallboxes.

Driving the Enyaq iV is an easy and completely relaxing experience. The comfort is of a high level, thanks also to the Cx of 0.257, there are no vibrations of the mechanics and everything flows like on a flying carpet. The driver’s only whim, apart from stimulating acceleration and recovery with instant response, is to “play” with the paddles behind the steering wheel that regulate regenerative braking. Finding the preferred level is a mere matter of tastes and habits that change over time, because with electric ones you have to learn to exploit kinetic energy in an intelligent way. In short, emotions do not live here, but if you are looking for peace you have certainly found it: in addition to noise, the other great absent are vibrations, therefore, so that you can grind kilometers with a level of relaxation that borders on the surreal. speaking of dynamics, the Skoda electric SUV is very stable and precise in responding to commands, thanks to the almost 500 kg of battery that lower the center of gravity.

Skoda Enyaq iV, the card

What is that: the first electric Skoda based on the MEB platform, a midsize crossover

Dimensions: length 4.65 meters, width 1.88 m height 1.62 m, pitch 2.77 m

Trunk: 543 liters

Motor: electric, synchronous with permanent magnets, power 204 HP, torque 310 Nm

Exchange: single speed

Traction: rear

Benefits: space on board, comfort, driving precision, technology

Defects: infotainment not always fluid, some plastics hard to the touch

Production: Zwickau, Germany

Prices: the price list of the Enyaq iV ranges from € 35,950 for the access version up to € 50,350 for the top of the test range, from which the eco-incentives must then be subtracted.

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