Smart and connected courtesy cars: here is the new service from Nissan and Octo

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A fleet of intelligent and connected cars available to all customers who need a courtesy car. This is the new initiative signed by Nissan, which has entered into an agreement with Octo Telematics – a company specializing in the so-called «fleet telematics» and smart mobility – as part of the services offered with the Nissan Promessa assistance service program.

Courtesy car, how Nissan and Octo’s smart service works
The project was presented in Rome during the Octo Connected Forum, focused on illustrating the state of the art of connected mobility in Italy. The service allows you to remotely manage the assignment of courtesy cars, all electrified, using only your smartphone, thus cutting red tape and saving time and even paper. All that is needed is the download of the Nissan Promised Mobility app, where the customer enters and confirms their personal data, uploads the driver’s license and identity document and receives the loan.

Collection and return of the car at the dealership take place independently, because it is always via the app that the doors can be locked and unlocked. The engine starts with the Octo Smart Key, which is on board, and all the information is provided step by step from the app on the screen. For its part, the dealer can manage and monitor the cars from the beginning to the end of the service through a new platform that also allows you to consult the usage history of each vehicle at any time.

Nissan’s fleet of courtesy cars
The fleet to date consists of Nissan Leaf and Qashqai Mild Hybrid, which will soon be joined by Juke Hybrid and Qashqai e-Power. The cars, granted free of charge, will be available for both repairs and maintenance, such as service, even outside the warranty period. The Nissan Preamble program also includes free roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, free check-up and application of the quote for any repairs within a radius of 5 kilometers, as long as you use genuine Nissan spare parts.

“We are the only ones on the market to offer an integrated service with free courtesy car in assistance even outside the warranty period, in addition to free pick-up in case of emergency and other services – underlined Marco Toro, president and CEO of Nissan. – Today we are proud to announce the modernization of our fleet to serve our customers who come to the dealership, with an avant-garde partner in the sector, such as Octo ».

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