Smart, here is the #One Concept: a compact, electric and hi-tech SUV

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A compact, hyper-technological electric SUV with an essential design: the new era of Smart begins with Concept # 1, announced on the eve of the departure of the IAA Mobility in Munich.

The concept unveiled in streaming, live worldwide, was defined by the CEO of Smart as “the manifesto of our cars of the future”, as well as the first stone on which to build the new shape of the brand: from the first, very small Smart of 1998, long just 2.50 meters, over twenty years have passed for the first SUV that measures 4.29 meters and the brand is ready to “move forward”, sharing the platform with the future Volvo SUV under the aegis of the Chinese company Geely.

Concept # 1 winks at the youngest with some tweaks to the distinctive “urban” design, all played on sounds and lights: pearl white bodywork illuminated by blue and orange flashes that peek out between the interior and exterior, the Smart of the future sports doors that they open up into the wind, larger spaces for passengers (seats become five) and a panoramic glass roof renamed the “Halo Roof”, not surprisingly, since the goal is to make it “float” on the car.

Other features include front and rear LED headlights that light up recalling a “fireworks” style design and intent lights that rise from the floor to the doors and respond to the music by changing color according to the rhythm. In the center of the center console stands the large 12.8-inch screen for the infotainment system. The artificial intelligence, in addition to managing all the functions of Concept # 1, also collects data and driving preferences to adapt to those behind the wheel, all information that can be shared with friends and family through a special app (which also acts as a from digital key). The powerful computer will control the four main domains: infotainment, driver assistance systems, specific functions for electric mobility and vehicle electric / electronic architecture, and software remotely update 75% of all engine control units.

“This concept anticipates what the new generation of Smart will be like”, they assure the brand, anticipating that the goal is to guarantee up to 440 km of autonomy: “We are excited about what will come in the future”. Smart Concept # 1 will be exhibited from 6 September at the Mercedes-Benz stand of the IAA in Munich and from 7 September onwards at the Mercedes-Benz Open Space Experience Landscape on Odeonsplatz.

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