Sono Motors is listed on Nasdaq: the New York Stock Exchange is the new paradise for (future) electric brands

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Investors in the Nasdaq, the American technology list, have avoided the end of Icaro at the Bavarian solar-electric start-up Sono Motors. The company has placed 10 million shares, or just under a seventh of the shares, at the initial price of 15 dollars, thus managing to secure new liquidity to materialize the production and launch plans of the Sion. In other words, a zero-emission compact with almost 430 centimeters in length credited with about 300 kilometers of autonomy, without counting the additional ones of the coating to exploit solar energy. The estimate, based on weather conditions, is a hundred kilometers more a week thanks to a 250-cell photovoltaic system.

[[(gele.Finegil.StandardArticle2014v1) Sono Motors Sion, l’elettrica con i pannelli solari nasce grazie al crowfounding]]

The Nasdaq has placed its trust in the company founded by two very young entrepreneurs, Laurin Hahn and and Jona Christians, who together do not reach the age of sixty. The shares have grown up to 27 dollars and have reached 37 (+ 147%) for a total of almost 2.8 billion of turnover. As the recent Rivian case demonstrates, electric mobility operations are attracting considerable interest in the United States. Shares of the Californian company closed at over $ 172, nearly a hundred above the placement price. Before retreating, the total market value approached $ 150 billion, “the largest American company with a zero turnover,” summarized the specialized newspaper Automotive News.

Tesla remains constantly above the trillion mark despite the repeated sales of Elon Musk, who followed the indications of the followers to whom he had asked if he should sell 10% of the capital. The online referendum has likely avoided the collapse of the stock: the manager has so far placed shares for a total of 8.8 billion dollars. Tesla was worth a total of $ 1,093 billion yesterday, confirming by a large margin the manufacturer with the largest capitalization followed by Toyota (260.3), Volkswagen (136.5) and the Chinese BYD (132.5). With 129 billion, Rivian has already surpassed Daimler (110), General Motors (93.8), the other electric start-up Lucid Motors which has recently started the marketing of its first car and plans to approach the 600 units registered by year-end (84.1) and Ford (79.8).

Founded in January 2016, Sono Motors has already resorted to crowdfounding, but despite the collection, the risk of having to take the books to court had not been ruled out. In a statement to Dpa, the German news agency, number one Hahn confirmed that the resources obtained with the listing “help us to guarantee our existence and make further investments in series production”. The goal is to start with the marketing of the Sion in 2023. The start-up has made it official that it has collected 16,000 bookings with relative advances. Production is expected to take place in Sweden, at the former Saab site in Trollhätten owned by Nevs. The conditional, in light of the dramatic crisis of the Chinese Evergrande which had taken control of Nevs, is however a must: the Sino-Scandinavian company is also looking for new investors.

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