Sony and Honda together for the electric brand Afeela

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Afeela is the name of the new brand dedicated to electromobility born from the joint venture between Sony and Honda: the first product of this synergy is the prototype of a streamlined electric-powered sedan, ready to hit the market at the end of 2025. a particular eye to entertainment and human-machine interaction.

The stylistic code of the vehicle revolves around the purity of the lines, which are essential and rounded, in the name of aerodynamic needs. 4.9 meters long and with a wheelbase of 3 meters – a guarantee of a very spacious passenger compartment – ​​the car boasts technical refinements such as the double wishbone front suspension and the multilink rear axle. Two engines, one per axle, so you can count on four-wheel drive.

Inside, the setting is taken from Honda and, with the full-width multi-screen dashboard that almost resembles an aircraft cockpit, complete with GPS with augmented reality. And passengers will be dedicated a connected interface to immerse themselves in the metaverse. Among the design targets is third-level autonomous driving: to this end, the extensive list of “virtual eyes” with which the car is equipped will certainly come in handy, as many as 45 cameras and sensors.

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